Real Nappy Week 2017 – 8 Reasons Why You Should Try Cloth Nappies

With Real Nappy Week 2017 underway I thought I’d use the opportunity to use my first post on topic of cloth nappies my 8 Reasons Why You Should Try Cloth Nappies

1. It Is Cost Effective

First and foremost, cloth nappies ARE cost effective! By using Cloth Nappies, families could save anywhere between £100 – £1000 and the more children you have in cloth (can be passed down to siblings), the bigger the saving.

Whilst I agree that paying an upfront large cost may seem rather daunting at first (most brands full time use kits cost on average £200+) the benefits faaar outweigh the initial start up cost!

2. It Is Better For The Environment

Being the eco-concious individual I am I am always looking for ways I can do my bit to save our planet and by making the change to cloth over single use disposables, families like mine and yours could potentially make a 40% carbon saving.

DID YOU KNOW… UK families send 355,000 tons of single use nappies to landfill each year, costing Local Authorities (and tax payers) £32 million a year!

3. It Promotes Zero Waste


What’s more shocking to learn is that the single use disposables we as a society are sooo used to using actually takes up to 500 years to break down. By trying or ultimately switching to cloth will result in waste reduction.

4. It Is Better For Your Child 

I have been using reusable nappies on my Son since the third week of him being born and one thing I do know for certain is cloth nappies are kinder to your precious little one’s skin than the likes of single use disposables that are laced with synthetic ingredients, dyes, parabens etc.

5. They Are Made With Natural Fabric


Cloth nappies are usually made from either 100% terry cotton, micofibre, bamboo, charcoal or hemp fabrics which greatly reduce the risk of your child getting a nappy rash (aside from when they are teething of course).

We all know a happy bot = a happy baby so a happy baby = happy parents / caregivers 🙂

6. Some Local Councils Run A Nappy Scheme / Incentive For Trying Cloth

It is worth checking if your local council offers those willing to try cloth nappies either a starter pack, a redeemable voucher or cashback on reusable nappies purchased.

7. They Are Available In An Array of Gorgeous Colours and Prints!


Ok so you might be wondering why this point is even on the list as unlike clothes, no-one will actually see them in all their glory apart from yourself and other caregivers which to some extent is true BUT the truth of the matter is, once you do try cloth (in particular the printed versions) you will most likely fall in love at seeing your little in these delightful nappies that you will want to keep up the great habit and purchase more to increase your stash.

Note: Having a cloth bummed baby can be incredibly addictive where one attempts to justify their 50th purchase because a favourite brand released a new print! Don’t believe me? Ask any cloth bum mum 😉

8. Can Promote Your Child To Be Potty Trained Earlier

Now this something I personally cannot comment on just yet as Eco hasn’t begun the process of being potty trained.

That said, most cloth nappy brands have over the years cited that children who wore cloth nappies potty trained quicker than those who wore single use disposable nappies due to the fact they were more aware of feeling wet.

Whilst there are no brownie points gained as to when a child potty trains, I guess it’s something to consider.

So there you have it, my 8 Reasons Why You Should Try Cloth Nappies, even if it is just the once! By using one cloth nappy a day will still equate to over 750 nappies not going into landfill, it really does not have to be an all or nothing approach!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read. For those that do use cloth, are there any other significant reasons I missed that you would like to see added? Do let me know by leaving a comment below.

  • Tori Hamilton

    I loved all the beautiful patterns I was able to buy for my daughter, but they wouldn’t wash properly in our hard water so she would always get diaper rash. I really wish we could have given them more of a go! Great article!

  • Suzy Mccullough

    It’s something I really wanted to do. I looked into it, I procrastinated and then I wimped out. Whoops. Such a brill thing to do if you have the commitment

  • Kelly-Anne Combes

    Kelly-Anne | Mimi Rose and Me

    If I have another little bambino then I will definately be going down the cloth nappy route. #kcacols

  • The Hippy Christian Mum

    No 7 is enough! Oh my days the nappy shopping…heaven! Who would have even thought?! #KCACOLS

  • Kate Eccles

    I clothed my first full time but its been a bit haphazard with my next two. I hate the thought of all the disposables sitting in landfill. Thank you for linking up with #KCACOLS we hope that you join us again next time.

  • We use both – the disposable are for night time to help him sleep better (and us). Cloth nappies are awesome. #kcacols

  • Mum’s The Word

    I’ve only ever used disposable, mainly because I’m not sure about washing poo out of reusable! Haha #KCACOLS

  • Mrs Morgan Plus 3

    Im really not sure on the reusables mainly because i would likely forget to wash them on time and have none left or something like that lol xx #kcacols