Favourite Babywearing Stretchy Wraps For Newborn and Young Babies 

My Babywearing journey began when Eco was approaching 3 months old and as they say the rest is history! There are two stretchy wraps in particular that I found myself reaching for before upgrading Eco to soft structured carriers, the ever reliable Close Caboo and We Made We Wuti Wrap.

As it is European Babywearing Week 17 I thought it would be fitting to share with you my reasons why they are my joint Favourite Babywearing Stretchy Wraps for Newborn and Younger Babies.


They Are Super Comfortable To Wear

Unlike buckle carriers which can cause discomfort to the wearer due to the buckles digging into ones body, both the Close Caboo and We Made Me Wuti Wrap are made of breathable, soft fabric.

They Provide Excellent Support For Both Wearer and Baby

You’ll be surprised at the level of support both wraps actually offer. During the 5 ish months I wore Eco in them I have not once experienced any type of back, neck and shoulder pain often associated with Babywearing.

Whilst they differ somewhat regarding how one puts the wrap on, once your little is comfortably in they feel incredibly secure.

I Could Comfortably Breastfeed (Discreetly) On The Go!

Whilst I overcame my fears of breastfeeding in public (done only twice on the tube and in a shopping centre) I found that Eco could quite comfortably nurse in these wraps without having to take him out or make huge adjustments.

For me this was a godsend as I did not have to worry about the opposite sex potentially having sight of my nipple/ underboob or glances from strangers in disgust because sadly, breastfeeding in public is still very much a taboo subject despite it being completely natural to feed your hungry child.

They Played A Part In Creating Lasting Memories That I Will Treasure Forever!

Any expectant or first time parent would have been told a trillion times by friends, family and even strangers to enjoy them whilst they are young” and my gosh were they right!

Whilst Eco is still very much “young” at the tender age of 14.5 months old, the first year, especially those months at the start of our babywearing journey is one that can be looked back on with smiles as we enjoyed many firsts together like…

Our First Bus Ride


Our First Time On The Tube 


Our First Torrential Rain Experience!


Thank goodness for the Close Caboo Weather Protector!

So whilst we have indeed moved onto other different types of carriers, wraps and slings that is best suited to Eco’s age and ever growing weight, I will never forget my first babywearing experiences using the Close Caboo Organic and We Made Me Wuti Wrap for it is these stretchy wraps that laid the foundations through positive experiences and cemented my absolute LOVE of Babywearing!

I intend to also share with you all the different types of soft structure carriers, wraps and slings we have been using now he’s an older baby / fast approaching a toddler so do keep an eye out for that.

Do you currently babywear or have previously carried your baby? I’d love to know what wraps and carriers worked for you between birth and 6 months. Leave a comment below or get in touch via Twitter 🙂

Disclaimer: Article contains PR samples.