My Mission To Find The BEST Vegetarian & Vegan Hot Spots London Town Has To Offer

Finding great healthy alternative places to eat, drink and hang out with friends and loved ones in our very own city can at times, be a laborious task when attempting to locate such places if one is not in the know. For this very reason I have decided to take it upon myself to find The BEST Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurants, eateries and cafes London Town has to offer. Once I have eaten and drank my way through as many menu’s as I can, I would be in a position to create my very own Top 5 tried, tested and recommended Vegetarian & Vegan Hot Spots in London for you lovely lot.

Before I continue I must confess that I do not at present  lead a 100% vegetarian, vegan or plant-based  lifestyle just yet BUT , that said, is something that I am slowly working towards as I make conscious decisions daily to steadily reduce my red meat and poultry intake in favor of consuming more fish and plant based meals.

Over the past year especially, I have been more mindful of the foods that I put in my body and notice how positively my body reacts when consuming micro-nutrient supplements such as Spirulina, Maca, Acai, Cacao and Hemp powder to name a few alongside eating staple vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

So with that said, and kicking off the start of the search, I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences over the coming days on a highly acclaimed and award winning Vegetarian Restaurant I had the pleasure of dining at a few weeks ago, The Gate (Hammersmith Branch).

Should you know of, or even perhaps work for a restaurant, eatery or juice bar that deserves to be acknowledged as one of the BEST Vegetarian and Vegan Hot Spots in London I am encouraging you to get in touch by either emailing me (email widget is on the top right of your screen) or simply leaving me a comment to which I’ll ensure to reply as there is nothing quite like spreading a bit of health conscious love!

Watch this space beautiful people, I am looking forward to enlightening you with tried, tested AND recommended ‘go to’ spots right here in my hometown, London.

London Skyline Image courtesy of Alamy