Breakfast With Renowned Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer At The Juicery – 108 Marylebone Lane

A few weeks ago, I attended my first ever breakfast event at The Juicery, an extension of 108 Marylebone Lane which was hosted by renowned Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer.

After a fairly nice, undisrupted commute into Central London (this makes a change) and navigating my way down the narrow unfriendly pedestrian roads which eventually lead to 108 Marylebone Lane, I arrived approx 10 mins early to a somewhat busy and buzzing juicery.

I was greeted by Mina, the lovely lady that sent me the invitation in the lead up to the event and we got talking. She then introduced to her colleague, other bloggers and press journalists.


A few minutes later a waiter came around with lovely looking bright shots. Not knowing what they were and assuming it was a refreshing lemon juice I was just about to take my first sip when Mina kindly warned me of contents and advised ‘think alcoholic shots but a teetotal version, it must be taken in one go’!

These Lemon and Ginger Shots are designed to ‘wake you up’ and consists of Ginger, Lemon with the addition of Cayenne Pepper.

I took Mina’s advise and downed it in one go. The kick I experienced at the back of my throat was no joke (very similar to the same sensation whiskey and brandy gives you)!

If I wasn’t ‘awake’ already I definitely was then and was somewhat amazed by how effective these little shots were (must attempt to make these at home).

At this point Bei walked in, a fellow Health and Fitness Blogger who blogs over at Befit (do check her fun and informative blog on all things natural products and fitness).

I was thrilled to finally see and meet her in person for we follow and converse with each other on social media platforms Twitter and Facebook. It’s always great when one is able to put a face to a tweet and we got chatting. A few minutes later were greeted with more healthy goodies.


We sampled one of Amelia’s signature juices that she created especially for The Juicery aptly named ‘Graceful Greens’ This wonderful concoction consisted of Spinach, Kale, Parsley, Lime, Mint and Jaax Coconut Water.

I am a lover of green juices and must say this was simply delicious yet light and refreshing.

This was followed by two of The Juicery’s most popular breakfast items in a miniature version Chia Seed Pudding with Raspberries and Greek Yoghurt with Granola and Mixed Berries.



These were so so so soo sooo gooooooood!!! (no I am not signing destiny’s child ‘So Good’ haha)

With breakfast over and taste buds buzzing (literally), it was time to settle down to fully absorb the knowledge and experience Amelia Freer was about enlighten the group with.

Amelia began by introducing herself and let us into the reason behind her decision to become a nutritional therapist.

It was through her own health issues of experiencing chronic fatigue, that lead to chronic irritable bowel syndrome that lead to other types of chronic diagnosis (you get my drift) when she ultimately decided to take matters into her own hands.

Her own health experiences sparked a deep and burning passion to equip herself with the same knowledge qualified Health Nutritionists gave her to help people with similar problems she went through.

She bit the bullet, went after her passions and decided to give up her full time job to embark on a four year Nutritionist Degree with the view to become qualified. As the say the rest is history and she is now renowned and well respected Nutritional Therapist within her field.

I personally find this very commendable for someone to give up their secured job and venture into a world of unknown in order to pursue a passion of theirs.

This is something I too have been pondering over but yet to take that step (it is on the cards, just all in good time).

I LOVE Amelia’s simple yet effective oneapproach to nutrition whilst encouraging healthy eating for her clients.

You see, Nutrition, as with Personal Training and Fitness Coaching is solely down to the individuals wants needs and requirements.

It is not a ‘one size fits all approach’ but instead is tailored personally to that person at that time.

She emphasised the importance of slow and gradual changes to people’s diet as opposed to the opposite of eliminating and placing restrictions on foodstuff they are familiar with and love.

The example Amelia gave the group is if a potential client enlisted her help to make better eating choices but was very much used to eating take-aways and ready meals on a daily basis.

She would not immediately stop this unhealthy way of living but simply suggest making a healthier versions of the foods her clients know and love from scratch, by cleverly manipulating the ingredients used to lower overall calories, saturated fats, refined sugar without sacrificing on taste!

The session concluded with a Q&A session that brought up some very interesting discussions, in particular Gluten, why our bodies wasn’t designed to consume it and the reasons why our digestive system finds it hard to digest it (something I must and encourage you readers to also research further).

I left The Juicery buzzing, equip with more knowledge in health and nutrition than I did upon walking in and am looking forward to delving into these topics in greater detail over the coming months (currently toying with the idea to become qualified in these areas myself).

Thanks to Mina for the invitation to attend an awesome and very informative morning, the delightful Amelia Freer for passing on your knowledge and experience to those lucky enough to attend, and to 108 Marylebone Lane‘s The Juicery for the awesome breakfast goodies.

It was my first time attending and will definitely be back as the facilities, menu and service make for the perfect business meeting.


Finally thank you to Bei for the interesting and insightful conversations we had before and after the event on the topics of Health and Fitness in general.

Glad to have finally met you in person. It was refreshing to converse with someone who has strikingly similar interests and possible career changes as I do.

Really looking forward to the next Juicery Event 🙂