Children’s STEM Learning With Little House Of Science

*This is a collaborative post with Little House of Science* For those not already familiar with the term STEM Learning, it is a fabulous way of encouraging our little people from as young as 6 months old about STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. If we take the time to observe our little’s play and learn, we would mutually agree that they are curious individuals who are constantly fascinated by the world they live in and how things work. Little Eco has expressed keen interests in STEM related tasks since he was 11 months old (operating our smartphones, threading lace through holes, stacking blocks and taking things apart before putting them back together) and so have been making a conscious effort to build in activities that encourage STEM Learning at home.


For those that know me personally or follow me via social media you would know that I am a HUGE ADVOCATE of baby and toddler classes / groups. I have religiously been attending various groups ever since Eco was 3 months old and firmly believe they play a part in Eco being extremely sociable, friendly and confident little boy he is today. Eco’s current weekly activities include Hartbeeps, Baby Ballet, Rhyme Time or Gymboree and the odd Stay and Play session via our local Children’s Centre but was blissfully unaware that Children’s STEM Learning, Workshops and Classes were a thing until Little House of Science was brought to my attention…

Little House of Science Background


Once your little(s) begin to talk in sentences there will be no shortage of questions asked on a daily basis. Why is the sky blue? How are bridges built? How do helicopters and aeroplanes fly? You get the gest. Little people are naturally inquisitive! They have a burning desire to explore the world we live in and are beyond fascinated upon discovering something for the first time. Little House of Science nurtures their curiosity and reinforce STEM related subjects in a super fun and practical way in order for children to connect with science from a young age.

“Little House of Science is where little and young Scientists can experiment, explore, learn and Play”.

Classes are currently offered in London and across the UK and have recently expanded into counties Hampshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire due to increasing demand.

Little House of Science Classes

I just LOVE that Little House of Science caters for babies as young as six months right the way through to year 6 pupils in primary school (age 11).


Little Discovery classes encourage learning about different shapes, colours, textures and the sounds of nature. Classic Music is also introduced to help aid focus and concentration in a fun and relaxed setting.


At Little Maths Rhymes and Shapes classes you can expect your little’s skills to be enchanced in recognising patterns, learn sequencing, object permanence, sorting and compare and classify objects. 

Little Science


These preschool science classes, catering for ages 3-8, are designed specifically in mind to help assist in the critical stages for a child’s cognitive development –thus helping them to process information, solve problems and make decisions confidently and independently.

Big Science Academy


These classes are said to provide a deeper understanding of the weekly topics offered, and with further analysis. Additional topics are added from what children are taught in schools to broaden their understanding of Life, Earth, Physical Sciences and Engineering topics taught by qualified science teachers.

Little House of Science Holiday Workshops


In addition to these awesome classes Little House of Science has to offer you’ll be pleased to know they also provide Holiday Workshops aimed at 4-11 year olds. Throughout December 2017 workshops include a Scientific Arctic Adventure and a Christmas Adventure Space Odyssey.

I honestly cannot wait to trial a class with little Eco for I know he will be in his element and love it. If you have a little person who is ever curious about the world around them then maybe Little House of Science Classes and Workshops are for you and your family too!