A Summary Of My Time As A Huggies Wipes Ambassador 2016

With the middle of December unfortunately marks the end of my time as a Huggies Wipes Ambassador, so thought I’d take the opportunity to recap on the experience in addition to sharing with you all what the role has taught me, the new skills learnt that I can now add to my arsenal amongst other exciting things. So without further ado, I shall start by informing you of my decision to accept the brand ambassador role….

My Reasons Behind Accepting The Huggies Brand Ambassadorship

When I was contacted at the beginning of the year regarding the role of a Huggies Wipes Brand Ambassador, I must admit my initial thoughts was to politely decline the offer. For those that have been reading my blog over the years would know that I am a natural products advocate having made the transition back in 2012. My little family and I try our very best to use products with natural ingredients and was beyond delighted and somewhat surprised to learn that Huggies Wipes were launching a new range of wipes made with 99% water and with natural fibres.

Now before I hear you say…

But you use cloth nappies on Baby Eco so why use disposable wipes?

I’ll explain! I indeed have been using cloth nappies on Eco since his arrival back in February 2016 BUT even as a cloth bum mama I still resort to using disposable wipes from time to time, especially when we are away from home so using wipes that is as close to natural as possible, is soft and calming on my Son’s delicate skin and contains no irateness such as parabens, alcohol or polyenxhenal is extremely important to me and this is where Huggies Wipes ticked all of those boxes.

Aside from that I wanted to use my role to enlighten other parents and caregivers of the natural wipes range, as they too might not have associated this with Huggies as I admittedly did at the beginning of the year. So that’s my reason’s behind excepting the ambassador role. Up next the new skills I have now added to my arsenal over the duration of the last six months.

New Skills Acquired 

lo If someone told me at the beginning of the year that I would be taking IN FRONT of the camera and braving YouTube in the Vlogging world I probably would have laughed hysterically at the sheer thought as I am sooooo a ‘behind the scenes’ kind of girl!

Number 1 – I absolutely hate the sound of my own voice and Number 2 – I literally fall to pieces when having to do presentations of any kind, the same goes for being recorded on camera (if only you saw the number of out-takes just to get the finished product published).

The ambassador role made me face my fears head on as Vlogging was part of the requirements and after much deliberation with the other half we decided that I should at least give it go, if only to test myself and see if I could actually cut it as a Vlogger.


With the acceptance to create a vlog of course came the decision to have my Son in the videos with me, something I wasn’t entirely comfortable with at first but then warmed to as I learnt that topics such as baby massage will be covered and as a result I made my YouTube debut back in June 16 and completed a Baby Massage Demo + Q&A with Dr Gayle Berry of Bloosom and Berry in August 16.

I am immensely proud of myself for even stepping in front of the camera as I can tell you it didn’t come naturally at all! Watching the videos back my only critique would be to smile more and not be so serious.

So the question beckons… Would I complete another vlog again in the near future? Hmmmm, Probably 🙂

What I Have Learnt During My Time As A Huggies Ambassador

This role has been a real confidence booster for me. Aside from the fact of learning new skills and overcoming my initial fears to speak / present in front of the camera, I have learnt to implement and use baby massage techniques in my day to day routine with my now 9.5 month old Son, something I always have wanted to do since Eco’s arrival but never got around to so I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to fulfil this wonderful way of bonding with baby via the ambassadorship.


Eco is now fully mobile and is constantly on the move… crawling, hoisting and cruising at every given opportunity and will not for a second stay still yet alone being put on his back (including change time) so now use massage techniques whilst nursing, babywearing, in the bath with him or whilst enjoying quite time reading his favourite books.

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that Eco still loves being massaged albeit in a different setting and do honestly believe that baby massage helps with trust as well as further strengthening the bond I already had with my Son.

In conclusion, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a HUGGIES ® Wipes Ambassador and would definitely consider working with them again on another natural wipes campaign.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Huggies Wipes but as always all thoughts and opinions are honest and entirely my own.