Whether You Think You Can or You Think You Can’t You’re Right ~ Henry Ford

As I keep saying in the articles I write, the tweets I compose, the talks I give to my clients, friends and students as well as the saying I repeat to myself just when a shadow of doubt enters my mind… “The Mind is a VERY Powerful Tool”

Thoughts become things people… If you think you cannot do something, your brain will send signals to the rest of your body making you feel like the task in hand is beyond you, which in turn results in a defeatist attitude.

Rather than approach a task with doubt and negativity, approach it with a CAN-DO attitude and apply it to all aspects of your life! Those that demonstrate greatness, those that are successful in their chosen field and those that jump over obstacles rather than succumb to them did so because they believed they could achieve!

Time to start believing folks, remember mind over matter.