There Is No Such Thing As Bad Weather, Just Soft People ~ Bill Bowerman

This famous quote by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman simply sums up my approach to training outdoors during the cold wintery months ahead.

If you’re like me who lives in a country where less than 10% of the entire year is above 25 degrees, with the occasional sun-rays beaming down on us *here in London, England we only get blessed with two-three weeks worth of glorious sunshine spread over approx three months lol* you will know that using the weather as an excuse to discontinue your training regime will result in not getting anything done!

Let’s face it, the idea of being wrapped up under the duvet, with the heating on full blast whilst watching your favourite movie seems a far better option than going out into the freezing cold to get a workout in doesn’t it? *I can see you thinking about it*.

But IF you are deadly serious about your fitness goals like I am… you will also know that results cannot be achieved without putting in the haaard work and dedication required.

If you’re goal is to become a better, fitter, stronger and faster you whilst sculpting your body to reach your ideal look and shape… STOP making excuses about the weather and get out there… be it going for a jog around the block, hitting the track, cycling or performing calisthenics in your local park.

There is No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Just Soft People”, and I wholeheartedly stand by this quote from Bill Bowerman.

Make it your duty to invest in some thermal tights, a thermal top, gloves, a hoody and a woolly hat, *double up on layers if needs* be and you’re more than good to go! I recommend the new Nike Hyperwarm range, which is designed to keep your body warm and dry whilst training in the great outdoors without affecting your performance.

Excuses are made for the weak… be strong willed, be mentally strong! I cannot speak for everyone reading this post but I can vouch myself. I personally will be sticking to my training & clean eating regime throughout the coming cold and wintery months with the exception of Christmas Day and New Years Eve *an athletic body will not sculpt itself*.

All it takes is Discipline, Dedication, Determination and a Desire to achieve Greatness. You can achieve anthing once you put your mind to it… mind over matter peeps!

I know for certain my Breakin Boundrez team and Spartanfam Spartanbars team will be getting our workouts in regardless of weather conditions. As my friend Chakabars Clarke says “Hot bodies are made in cold weather” and mine is definitely under construction.

Until Next Time,

Your Girl Danni 😉