Nike We Own The Night Women’s Only 10k Run London: Race Day Ready

My oh my has the time flown by! It feels like just the other day that I signed up to this event to encourage other young girls and women to join me in conquering this 10k night run with a difference and tomorrow evening will see my team and I along with thousands of other young girls and women take to the streets around Victoria Park, London to OWN THE NIGHT!

Being founder and captain of my ‘Breakin Boundrez team, I decided very early on that this race was not about me, it was going to be about running TOGETHER as one to help each other get around the course safely and most importantly in one piece!

For most of my newly appointed team members it will be their first ever 10k race, first race outdoors since high school / college days and more than likely their first time in stepping out of their fitness comfort zone to try something completely new!

I’ve mentioned this before in my previous We Own The Night article, the thing that stood out and instantly attracted me to Nike’s We Own The Night run was the unity of the race, for thousands of other young girls and women will be in the exact same position as some of my team members.

I picked up my race pack a few weeks ago along with my friend and team member Bei and must say I absolutely LOVE the design of the cute tote bag and wonderfully coloured light mint t-shirt. The rack pack also included:-

  • A wrist band to indicate what wave participants chosen to run in *we chose the orange wave*
  • A tag with a timer to accurately show what time participants cross the finish line
  • A little booklet containing race day information and
  • A guest tag should we want to bring a friend / loved to cheer us on for extra support.

Having made the conscious decision to be the pace maker in my team, I set about attempting to run 8km on Tuesday afternoon.

Bearing in mind I have not run these type of distances in over two years, I will admit I was feeling somewhat anxious as most of my training has only really consisted of martial arts for my 1st Degree black belt in kickboxing which was successfully completed in late March 14, coupled with short distance speed / agility drills and body-weight exercises.

I set a steady pace and took to my favourite outdoor training space whilst listening to some west coast music to help take my mind off the task ahead.

51 mins later I successfully completed 8km *average pace of* and decided to conclude my successful run *without stopping* by completing 3 x 100m sprints for good measure simply because I enjoy the feeling a hard workout brings haha.

I am very much looking forward to OWNING THE NIGHT and creating great memories with my ‘Breakin Boundrez’ team tomorrow as join in force to pound the streets around Victoria Park, London with thousands of other young girls and women *I’m sure I’ll bump into many of you there too* and for our efforts, just look at what each of us will be presented with upon crossing the finishing line….

A stunning Alex Monroe Finishers Necklace *Nike and Elle do know how to spoil us ladies*


Special thanks to lovely lady that is Sam of Nike UK for allowing me to play a part in this awesome campaign.

For those also running the race tomorrow night, wishing you all a strong, successful run, jog or powerwalk!

You got this ladies, see you there 🙂