BIS Publications Summer Book Jam 2014: Sonia Aum Shring Lye-Fook – In Search of Destiny Returning To Mother

Last night, a FABULOUS evening of African Caribbean Culture was had at the Conway Hall as BIS Publications hosted their Summer Book Jam 2014. Two authors were in attendance to talk about their book launch and I went along extremely intrigued to learn more about Sonia Aum Shring Lye-Fook’s début book entitled In Search Of Destiny: Return To Mother.

Sonia and her Husband Byron is the proud parents of six children, including legendary UK Soul Singer Omar Lye-Fook MBE and Samia Lye-Fook, a BRIT School alumna who also is a singer (pictured below).


I was drawn to finding out more regarding In Search of Destiny, for I found Sonia’s journey extremely intriguing having been born and raised in Jamaica and at aged 10, moved to England where she resided for a further 44 years before deciding to relocate to Ghana with her Husband following her retirement as a primary school teacher.

In Sonia’s own words…

In Search of Destiny: Returning To Mother was written because I wanted to leave a legacy for my children and future generations about certain events in my life and what made me decide to relocate to live in Ghana.

Repatriation is a life changing experience and needs to be told from the prospective of the people who have made that journey and not left for others tell our story for us. I hope my book will inspire those who have a dream to live it and believe that all things are possible.


Do keep an eye out for my interview with Sonia (available to read next week) as she shares with me her experiences on relocating to live Ghana and why she feels those with African Ancestry should make a pilgrimage to Africa at least once in their lifetime. Not To Be Missed!

A book review of In Search of Destiny will also feature once I have finished reading the biography from cover to cover.