November has finally arrived, with less than a month to go until the Spartanfam Fitness Test, I decided to take up my friend and fellow Spartanfam ambassador Melissa aka @thrutheblue‘s month long fitness challenge aptly named ‘Beastember’.

For Beastember, I had to declare my fitness pledges for the month of November via Instagram and Twitter whilst ensuring that I stick to them. Creating the pledges was initially hard as I keep myself really active by doing different types of workouts and activities throughout the week *what more could I possibly add to my fitness routine I am not already doing lol*

After a few hours of pondering I finally managed to list four, all very relevant to my current and future fitness goals.

So here it goes, *if I say it out aloud I can not back out, for the whole entire cyber world can see my pledges* I Danielle, pledge to add the following into my weekly fitness routine.

  1.  Work on abs specific exercises for a min of 30mins per day *yes I said daily*
  2.  Resume Running *corporation of short sprints to 7k endurance* three times weekly
  3. Consume a min of 2Litres of Water daily *fruit tea / herbal tea in my instance*
  4. PerformSplitspecific exercises three times weekly.

There you have it, these are my Beastember Pledges. I will be posting pictures via my Instagram & Twitter @breakinboundrez hash tagging #Beastember. If I seem to be slacking, you have my permission to be on my case 😉