#HollandAndBarrettBuddies Campaign Part 2: In Receipt of My Healthy Food And Beauty Haul Chosen By My Buddy Emma

As part of my involvement with #HollandAndBarrettBuddies Campaign, a gigantic parcel arrived at my home address a few weeks ago. Packed full of healthy treats, baking ingredients, drinks, beauty and household products I was eager as a beaver to discover just what my buddy Emma who tweets under the twitter handle @emsypickle had chosen for me.

Before I share with you exactly what my lovely buddy sent me, I must let you know that there were a few items I ended up choosing myself (with Emma’s consent of course) for some products were noted as out stock on the delivery note at the time of receiving my package and would have had to wait an additional 3-4  weeks for them to arrive (not good when you have a time frame to get part 2 published) and these products will be highlighted towards the end of this article.

So, back to what my lovely buddy Emma chose for me! There were over 20 products in total and think it’s only right to showcase and shine the spotlight on my favourite items in separate upcoming articles but for the purpose of Holland and Barrett Buddies Campaign Part 2, I will list all items by breaking them down into relevant categories.

Starting with Household Items!


You will probably be laughing when I openly admit just how excited I was at discovering that Emma had chosen a complete vegan ‘natural washing up liquid’ in the form of Earth Friendly All Natural Ultra Concentrated Washing Up Liquid I was completely over the moon at reading this product didn’t contain toxin ingredients such as

  • petrochemicals
  • chlorine
  • ammonia
  • caustic soda
  • phosphates
  • formaldehyde
  • 1,4 dioxin
  • GMOs
  • SLS
  • and dyes found in most hair-care, skincare, beauty, cosmetics and household products.

For those that read my articles, tweets and Facebook status’ regularly, you would know that I have transitioned to using ‘natural products’ since the beginning of this year and funny enough, household products is the last area I needed to tackle in order to to rid my home of toxin free products and items so you can probably image my delight to discover washing up liquid made from renewable plant extracts which was also biodegradable and recycle friendly.


Another product Emma chose for me was some fluoride free toothpaste! I have been meaning to swap my usual purchase of Colgate toothpaste for the absolute longest but just haven’t got around to it (I too can be lazy at times). There is a noticeable difference between fluoride and fluoride free toothpaste in terms of how it feels against your tooth enamel when brushing your teeth but will look into this more in an upcoming article.

Baking Ingredients

Baking and experimenting with alternative ingredients to create healthier versions of the things I LOVE is something actually I need to do more of and expressed this to Emma during our numerous text messages to one another prior to placing our order for each other.


Emma herself is a keen baker so was overjoyed to have received some Brown Rice Flour, Polenta, Quinoa Desiccated Coconut, Dried Apricots, Chia Seeds, Dried Apple Rings, Dried Figs, Papaya and Agave Syrup and Total Sweet (Xylitol) to get creative with.

I have been a busy bee baking behind the scenes to perfect some tasty treats and savoury snacks soon to be published in the recipes section of this site.

Not usually being one for dried fruit, I’d like to add that the Neal’s Yard Dried Apple Rings are one of the  BEST THINGS I’ve tasted this year (even the Mr loved these)!

Cooking Ingredients

I’m forever on the lookout to make healthy swaps and my seasoning cupboard is one I was desperate to change. Having delved into further research on foods and ingredients this year, I unfortunately discovered that most of the seasoning I had been using for years actually contains traces of GMO’s!

From my Superfoods category Emma cottoned onto my ‘Superfood Sunday’ series and cleverly thought to send me some spices to showcase. I received a jar of Profusion Himalayan Rose Pink Sea Salt and Cajun Seasoning.

Being in receipt of non GMO seasoning has made me want to discover other brands free from nasties and I am hopeful to find an all purpose, jerk and fish seasoning very soon (if you know of any please get in touch!)


By having a thorough read of my articles published on this blog, Emma quickly discovered a common theme trending in my food, drink and beauty reviews…. my LOVE for all things Coconut!


Yep, I’m a coconut fiend so was ecstatic to have received two cartons of Koko Coconut Milk. For those not familiar this is dairy free, low in calories and made from the coconut flesh. This is simply wonderful to drink or its own or used make overnight oats and chia pudding creations.


I also received four bottles of Purdey’s, a natural multi-vitamin drink made with sparking water. I tasted these a while back when I purchased a bottle my local Petrol Station and loved it but due to its unpopularity it sadly got taken off the shelves and I haven’t seen it since anywhere since. It was lovely to be reunited with Purdey’s again and now know where to go to get my sparkling fix of goodness.

Bodycare Beauty and Cosmetic Products

A Holland and Barrett haul would not be complete without the addition of some body-care, beauty and cosmetic products and my oh my did Emma treat me to some beauties!

I literally eeeeked like an excitable young child upon discovering I was finally a proud owner of my first ever ‘vegan lipstick’.

Emma and I both love to wear a hint of colour our lips when out and about and chuckled to myself when I received the Lavera Trend Sensitiv Beautiful Lips Peach Amber because I got her the exact same one in Red Berry Charm, proof the great minds think alike.

I have worn this out and about few times now and without going into too much detail lets just say I wouldn’t be without it! (full review to follow).

Emma also chose a wonderfully smelling ‘natural perfume’ from green beauty brand Pacifica. Being the packaging fiend I am the art decor packaging was absolutely lovely and took time to admit the fine details on the pretty box. The scent I received was Pacifica California Star Jasmine which has a hint of orange / neroli aroma to it which I adore.

Moving onto body-care Emma noticed I had yet to cover ‘natural deodorant’ in the green beauty section of this site so thought it would be a great idea to help me on my way by choosing No Germs Natural Deo Whilst I was impressed it didn’t contain a hint of chemicals, I have to admit I’m not a fan and is the only product I won’t consider getting again or recommending.

You see, as No Germs Natural Deo is primarily water based followed by natural mineral salts it does not absorb instantly upon spraying your underarms so if you are keen on trying this out for yourself be prepared for both sides of your body to be drenched whilst waiting impatiently for a few minutes for the water to dry off as it doesn’t absorb straight away.

This has only made me more determined to find the right ‘natural deodorant’ for me and if you lovely readers have any recommendations please let me know.


The last of beauty products Emma chose for me was a Calypso Natural Scrub Sponge, ideal for exfoliating and removing dead skin cells to leave it soft and renewed. I have always used exfoliating products, but never a sponge or mitt and after using to exfoliate my body on a weekly basis can confirm it is 10x’s more effective at removing dead skin cells when used in conjunction with your favourite exfoliating scrub / body polish.

Before I conclude Part of this Holland and Barrett Buddies Campaign, I did mention at the beginning of this article, that, due to certain items being out of stock, I chose a few items of my own (with Emma’s consent).

My Choices – Snacks

Having got permission from a customer service representative over the phone to take my delivery note to my local store and replace Emma’s chosen out of stock items products three items in particular caught my eye!

Whilst browsing the store and glancing at the frozen produce as I passed the freezer and chilled department, a familiar logo grabbed my attention and I kid you not, without a seconds thought the product was in my basket! I’m referring to wonderful dairy free, raw vegan brand that is Booja Booja!


I’ve had the pleasure of sampling their mouth watering hazelnut truffles which I chose for my buddy Emma to also experience but to come across  Booja Booja Ice cream?

No way was I leaving the Holland and Barrett without it haha. WOW is all I’m going to say for now but do look out for a full review very soon.

Describing myself as someone who likes to snack in between meals, it felt like a was in heaven at learning the Quinoa and Lentil Chips had just been ordered in and was being stacked on the shelves on the other side of the store. Not available on their website and only available to purchase at local stores at the time of purchase, it must have been my lucky day!


I was familiar with these delightful munchies as my first spotting them with the opportunity to taste them was at the Natural Products Show held at Kensington Olympia earlier this year. I took advantage of the ‘buy one get one for a penny offer’ and took home four, two of each flavour so the Mr can also try them. You honestly haven’t lived until you have tried these and are now my go to brand when wanting something of a crisp like texture that is actually good for you!

I also picked up a few packets of dairy free chocolate buttons, gluten free coconut jam rings and yoghurt coated banana chips (yum).

I have very much enjoyed taking part in this exclusive #HollandAndBarrettBuddies campaign and honestly could not have asked for a better buddy than the delightful Emma who blogs all things lifestyle, beauty and health at Emsy Pickle (be sure to check out her blog and follow her on twitter and instagram!)

Emma’s great attention to detail in choosing the products she did for me could not be faulted in the slightest. If you had Emma as the person in the office that will be buying you your secret ‘santa gift’ for you, you will be in good hands… trust me!

She took note that my blog site is heavily influenced on all things natural products and by picking the products she did, she in fact introduced me to new discoveries and brands I wasn’t aware of prior to taking part and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase for myself once they run out (thank you girl).

Not only has this part of the campaign opened my eyes and made me more aware of the health products available, it has also introduced me to lovely down-to-earth like-minded people like Emma which is always a bonus.

I thoroughly enjoyed Part 2 and being in receipt the wonderful healthy haul that Emma hand picked for me but I am really looking forward to part 3, for my buddy and I get to do something cool together whilst catching up on all things blogging, baking and beauty 🙂

The final part of this campaign is still being planned as I type but have been told it could involved a fitness boot-camp day out or spa day experience with our buddies (the latter would be FAB guys hint hint haha).

I would  just like to say a huge Thank You Holland and Barrett and the lovely people at iProspect Manchester for selecting me as a candidate to take a part in this great campaign! It’s been an honour to be involved.

Stay tuned for the finale of the awesome #HollandandBarrettBuddies Campaign, coming up soon on This Woman’s Word.