Shoe Of The Week: Athena Heeled Ankle Boots From Online Women’s Retailer IKrush

For me, nothing beats a good pair of stylish ankle boots! No matter what the season boots are the perfect ensemble for any outfit! Whether you are pairing them with skinny jeans for a smart / casual look or with a, dress, skirt or suit for a more formal look, ankle boots should be a staple item of any woman’s wardrobe. Now I do love a good bargain (who doesn’t) so when the opportunity came to collaborate with IKrush to pick an item of my choice to review I found myself instantly checking out their footwear section and stumbled across these beauties…. Athena Heeled Boots in Khaki.

It must have been sheer co-incidence and fate that the last pair available at the time of placing an order were a UK size 6 and were an absolute steal at £18.99!  Without feeling the need to check out their clothing section, I hastily proceeded to checkout using my complimentary voucher code given to me by the lovely Gemma of Optimus PM.

I recieved my order in a timely manner (five days from date of order) and the boots was just as stunning in the flesh as they were on the IKrush website (affiliate link). However, if I were to be really nit-picky, the actual colour of the boots differed to that on the IKrush website.

The main description described these boots as being ‘Khaki’ when in reality they were actually chocolate brown. Whilst this did not bother me, I feel IKrush may have left themselves slightly susceptible  to negative feedback as a customer might have been expecting ‘Khaki’ coloured ankle boots to complete their ensemble.


These boots have a faux leather finish and despite the 4 inch heel height, I can confirm they are incredibly comfortable to walk in. The gold band at the back makes for a striking feature but for some reason, I expected this detail to be made with metal material as opposed to mirrored plastic.

I have had these boots for over two months and barely made a dent in wearing heel down. They have a good grip and have also maintained their shape with very little creasing after multiple wears.

This type of boot can be styled with a midi dress /skirt, skinny jeans, leggings or a trouser suit and was surprised at how versatile these boots were when creating my own looks, something you all will be treated to in an upcoming look book article I am currently working on.

If you’re a bit of a bargain hunter like I am, Women’s Online retailer IKrush will not disappoint as some true fashion gems and staples can be found at extremely affordable prices…. definitely worth checking out!

IKrush can be found online by visiting IKrush website , IKrush Facebook or by simply following them on Twitter.

  • Elle Linton

    I think in the USA and Canada what they call khaki is different what we call khaki. So that’s prob why the boots are brown and not green 🙂

    • Dani

      Hey Elle, thanks for passing by to read my article 🙂 As IKrush are based in Scotland I would have assumed their definition of the colour Khaki is the same in here in England? Not unless they get their stock from US.Will do some further research 🙂