Introducing Ernestine Shepherd – The Guinness World Record Oldest Female Body Builder

Monday Motivation: It’s not often I am left absolutely speechless whilst shedding a few tears from watching a short fitness related video of another individual. When I stumbled upon this video on my Facebook timeline last week, I just had to share it with you all here…

I introduce to you the remarkable and incredibly endearing lady that is Ernestine Shepherd, who happens to be The World’s Oldest Female Bodybuilder! Source: Guinness World Records 2010-2011

Aged 75, Ernestine makes it a habit to get up at 2.30am every morning to complete a 10 mile run which is often followed by a gym session. She encourages others to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle by practicing what she preaches by running fitness classes at her local church.

Ms Shepherd insists that it is never too late to start any journey, in particular health and fitness and insists that

“Age Is Nothing but A Number”.

Having never been the sporty type growing up, she only began her fitness journey in weightlifting whilst in her 50’s with her Sister before sadly loosing her to a brain aneurism just over a year after they started training.

Since starting her fitness journey, and in her Sister’s memory, Ernestine has gone on to win two bodybuilding titles and has completed a total of nine marathons!!!

I will let the below short video do the talking, for this eight minute clip will no doubt Inspire, Empower, Uplift and Motivate you to stop talking about things and start taking action TODAY!

I will make it my mission to have the pleasure of interviewing this awesome lady as part of this very blog but until that day arrives, you can obtain more doses of Mrs Shepherd’s positivity, together with updates on her next possible competition by following her on the internet.

To view her interview with the BBC, click here.

This lovely, inspiring and awesome human being can also be found online by visiting her website Ernestine Shepherd and following her Facebook Page.

Photo Credit: The Guinness World Records 2010-2011

  • Being a dancer and loving how it keeps fit inside out, I can only agree with Ernestine Sheperd that exercice is an anti-aging pill. Thanks for this beautiful introduction about a woman who dares to live how she believes…