Midweek Inspiration: Kelly Price – It’s My Time

I’m sure most of you can relate when, upon hearing a particular song, you can’t help but be overcome by it’s positive message and impact it has on your overall mood, emotions and mind-set. Given that today is Wednesday, where some of you maybe in need of some midweek inspiration to get you through this working week, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you my personal ‘go to song’ to put me in a positive state of mind where there no limitations, only self-belief and the feeling that even the impossible is indeed achievable!

That song I am referring to is It’s My Time, written and sung by the wonderful Kelly Price, and if you haven’t heard of this song already I highly suggest you spare a few minutes to watch it in its entirety below.

The video itself is quirky and has cameo’s from some of my favourite people in the entertainment world, including actress Lisa Raye, celebrity choreographer Laurieann Gibson and R&B artist turned Gospel Singer Kenny Lattimore to name a few.

The lyrical content is ridiculously empowering and one can’t help but be uplifted by the positive message of encouragement throughout the song.

It’s My Time should be on EVERYONE’S playlist, for it can be used as inspiration in all aspects life and would say it is an anthem for anyone who wants to do better, has a can do attitude and self-belief, to spread happiness and positive vibes and above all is ready to reap the rewards of success through hard work.

IT’S YOUR TIME Ladies and Gents, go ahead and SHINE!

Enjoy watching the video 🙂