Lucozade Revive – A Low Calorie Alternative With Added Energising B-Vitamins

We are all familiar with the Lucozade Sports drinks currently on the market that is high in glucose, high in calories and is often a firm favourite amongst many athlete’s, sports professionals and regular fitness enthusiasts / gym goers when choosing an energising drink to consume before, during and after training, but you may not be familiar with their latest invention Lucozade Revive…

Lucozade Revive is currently being marketed as a ‘Summer Drink’ designed for everyday people to help beat and overcome the so called ‘3pm slump’! Now being someone whose day job as an Assistant Facilities Manager that can often be found couped up in the office battling through endless paperwork, updating spreadsheets, obtaining quotes whilst clocking up a minimum of 2 miles of walking per day via site walks, I know all to well how vital it is to keep my energy levels up throughout the day in order for me to remain alert and focused.

Their 500 ml bottles contain only ’50 calories’ *yes you read that right, 50 cals per bottle” which also contains B Vitamins that help the body release energy naturally. For those unfamiliar with the term ‘B Vitamins’, B they are essentially a group of water-soluble vitamins that play important roles in cell metabolism (consumption of energy in order to survive and carry out biological processes).

Now whilst we do not need a particular supplements to top up our B Vitamin levels, as we can get them from whole, unprocessed foods across multiple dietary sources such as lean meats, fish, whole grain foods, bananas and molasses to name a few, I will make mention that a bottle of Lucozade Revive contains 17% of RDA of  B3, B5, B6 and B12 should one wish to consume this beverage as a guilt free alternative to enjoy as opposed to high calorie drinks.

Lucozade Revive are available in four refreshing flavours…

  • Lemon-grass with Ginger
  • Cranberry with Acai
  • Orange with Acai
  • Strawberry with Lime

My personal favourite out of the four flavours available was the lovely combination of Lemon-grass and Ginger followed closely by Cranberry and Acai! My least favourite however was the Orange flavour as I found tasteless *very similar to an extremely diluted glass of Robinson’s juice*.

Should you be intrigued to try this new range out for yourself, Lucozade Revive can be purchased in most supermarkets across the UK as well as being available in many newsagents / corner shops local to your place of residence.

Thank you to the team at Launch PR for kindly sending me samples of Lucozade Revive to try.