My Pure: Inika Lip Whips Peach Review – Non Stick Vegan Friendly Lip Gloss Made With Natural Ingredients

Wait! Has it really been a whole month since my first set of MyPure beauty posts? My is time flying by! Anywhoo back to the article… For the month of June, I decided to delve a little further into natural cosmetics by opting to try Inika Lip Whips Peach.

I have been actively on the look out for a sticky free lip gloss for the absolute longest without success and have been praying to the gods above to come across such as invention sooner rather than later!

You see I am ridiculously fussy when it comes to lip glosses and can’t begin to express my strong dislike for ones that are super sticky! Unfortunately most lip gloss’ I have tried and purchased in my lifetime does leave that super sticky feel to ones lips. I am not a fan of my lips sticking together, nor do I like hair strands getting stuck to it when wore down and wondered if lip glosses made with only natural ingredients had this same unpleasant feeling.

For those who read my MyPure beauty posts last month, you would remember that I reviewed Inika’s Vegan Lipstick, and such to my satisfaction with the lippy (which has since become a favourite of mine), I wanted to see if Inika’s other products delivered the same exceptional results. So without harping on any further, I share with you my thoughts on Inika Lip Whips in shade Peach.


The first thing I noticed when I came home to my MyPure package a few weeks ago was Inika’s distinctive matt black rectangle box with gold lettering, just like the lipstick I had previous reviewed. Not expecting for the Lip Whips to be encased in such a box I actually thought MyPure sent another lipstick by mistake (sincere apologies for even doubting you guys!) but upon close inspection and after opening the box, a tiny bright orangey looking squeezable tube was indeed hiding inside. Score 10/10

Inika Lip Whips 8ml

Noticed I said tiny. Well for me, the tube IS tiny in comparison to all the other lip glosses I have purchased previously and predict I will get through this tube pretty fast given I always like to have a tint of colour on my lips when out and about on a daily basis.


Minor complaint on the size of the tube out of the way I must admit I absolutely ADORE this shade soooo much! When choosing lip colours, be it a lipstick or lip gloss, I often find myself opting for coral, orangey, fuchsia shades for I feel these particular shades complement my skin tone the most.

Having sourced a great shade it was time to see if Inika Lip Whips delivered the results I was sooo desperate for, a sticky free lip gloss (if one exists that is).

I decided to put it to the test and wear it to work the following morning after the package arrived and am ECSTATIC to confirm this particular lip gloss DOES NOT have any sticky feeling whatsoever!!! It glides on nicely (be careful not to to squeeze too much) and leaves ones lips feeling wonderfully smooth. In regards to longevity, I found this gloss stays on for an average of 3.5 hours before needing to reapply slightly. Taking the size of the tube into consideration, this gave the overall Product Score 8/10

As lip gloss tend to look different when out and about in natural sunlight and when indoors, I decided to take two pictures so you can see for yourself how different they look against my skin-tone. The picture below was taken on a bright sunny day last week with the sun rays shining in my direction and the last picture towards the end of this article is in my flat after coming back from a 5 km run!



Originally priced at £15.50 before MyPure generously rewarded their customers with a 10% discount on all products on their site after turning 10 years old this week (now £13.50), I am of the opinion the price is a just a little too steep when one only gets 8ml worth of gorgeous lip whips! Score 6/10

Ingredients Used

Ricinus Communis Seed (Castor) Oil; Zinc Oxide (CI77947); Mica (CI77019); Copernicia Cerifera Cera (Carnauba Wax); Silica; Titanium Dioxide (CI77891); Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E); Tin Oxide (CI77861); Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel (Orange Sweet) Oil; Iron Oxides (CI77491, CI77492, CI77499); Ultramarines (CI77007). (Berry contains: Chromium Oxides Greens (CI77288); Chromium Hydroxide Green (CI77289).


I am completely over the moon to have finaaaally sourced a lip gloss that is not at all sticky. The stay wear is pretty reasonable given that it is non-stick as research tells me the stickier the lip gloss, the longer lasting it is. Depending on your preference you might like your lip gloss sticky and longer lasting but for me, I was more than happy to sacrifice a few hours of stay wear in favour of a smooth, moisturising and sticky free natural finish.


I absolutely LOVE the shade and squeezable tube but for me, the biggest let down and gripe  is the actual price of the product. I honestly would have considered purchasing a few more shades after my first use had it been in the price range of no more than £12.00 as a feel this is reasonable, but just can’t justify spending £15.50 on a tube of lip gloss that I will easily get through in under a month!

Taking everything into consideration including the size of the tube, actual product, ingredients used and price, this product gets an Overall Score 7.5/10.

This of course is my opinion and just because I feel the price in this instance is unfortunately not justified, it should no way sway your decision to purchase this yourself and experiment with for it really is indeed a wonderful product to have as part of your make-up / hand bag essentials.

That said I shall be keeping my eyes peeled to the MyPure website hoping this will be discounted at some point in the future within my ideal price bracket so I can go ahead and purchase different shades including the peach one again.

So ladies, I have opened up a debate. How do you like to wear your lip gloss? Are you a fan of the super sticky feeling or do you prefer a sticky free smooth finish feel like me?

Keen as always to know your thoughts 🙂