gNappies – Bridging The Gap Between Disposables

As you may be aware last week saw the 20th celebrations of Real Nappy Week. Should you have missed my article enlightening you all what this entails you can catch up by reading HERE. As part of #RNW16, I pledged to show you some of the brands I have been using since the birth of my 7.6week old Son and thought I’d start with my first ever encounter with cloth gNappies.

I first came across **gNappies whilst attending last years The Baby Show held at Kensington Olympia after a trusted friend and fellow parent blogger who writes over at Berice Baby recommended them to me. After taking some time to visit the stand and see their nappies in the flesh I fell in love with the sheer cuteness of them, not to mention the wonderful designs and glorious vibrant colours. Aside from this, what really captured me was their concept, they didn’t market themselves on being a cloth or disposable nappy… they were more a hybrid of the two.

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The gPant is made of cloth with velcro fastenings uniquely placed on the back as opposed to the traditional way on front of the nappy and inside contains a snap in a waterproof shell.

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Once the shell is popped into place, caregivers have a choice of inserting either a disposable insert or cloth. For my trial I was sent two gNappies and two packets of their disposable inserts.

My Thoughts On gNappies

Aside from being uber cute I love the way these gPants fit my Son who has been wearing them since he was 1.5 weeks old. They are extremely slim fitting, not too bulky looking and his clothes, including all sleep-suits and outfits fits nicely over them, something I cannot say for some of the other cloth nappy brands I have also been using.

That said Baby Eco did unfortunately have a few accidents whilst wearing the gPants two weeks ago with their disposable inserts (wet ones only thank goodness) which resulted in me having to change his entire outfit but think this was down to him getting older, feeding in larger volumes and becoming as they say ‘a heavy wetter‘ as opposed to constant leakages. What I didn’t know at the time these rare occasions occurred, were the different ways to put ones inserts into the nappy depending on the gender of the child.

For Boys, one simply folds an additional disposable or cloth insert into two or three parts and place at the front whereas for Girls the insert would be placed in the middle. Thinking about it now it is common sense but will openly admit this was my very first experience with cloth I didn’t think to do this myself until after watching a few you tube videos on cloth bumming.

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Some of the struggles I have come across this week is securing the velcro fastenings at the back in one attempt. As my Son is getting more mobile everyday, a very fidgety, active little boy makes change time in general more challenging than it was in the first few weeks of his life so I guess Mama here will have to think of other ways of distracting him whilst I attend to the surprises he leaves me 🙂

Overall I cannot fault the performance of the gNappies kindly sent to me. The gPant in size small fit around his waist and most importantly around his thighs / legs but given his healthy weight gain since birth, I estimate we’ll have to upgrade to the medium size in a few weeks please god. My boy is not so little anymore!

Being the eco-conscious person I am, it makes me happy to know that I am also actively playing a small part in helping our planet with less landfill waste, not to mention the overall cost saving switching to cloth nappies will give a family.

Whilst the initial upfront cost maybe a bit steep, especially for those currently on Statutory Maternity Pay like I or on a low income, I do believe it is worth the investment to build up your stash as one of the main benefits reaped is having them ready for future siblings / other children in your family to use.

Should you wish to find out more about gNappies, including their trial kit prices and bundle offers, they can be found online by visiting gNappies website, gNappies Facebook Page or by simply following them on Twitter.

Disclaimer: Items marked with a ** next to them are PR Samples kindly sent for me to try. This is NOT a sponsored / collaboration post and NO money has been exchanged. As always, my thoughts and opinions are honest and entirely my own.