Ilu Fitwear Review: Tried and Tested – Sporty Compression Leggings and Racer Back Top

As you may already be aware, I previously wrote an article a while back outlining my Top 5 Favourite Pieces from  Ilu Fitwear’s debt collection. Amongst my favourite items were the compression leggings and racer back top in turquoise blue and was presented with the opportunity of putting both of these key items in the Ilu Collection through their paces to see just how they performed across various training methods, exercises and workout setting.

I’ll start off by taking a closer, in depth look at the Ilu Fitwear Full Length Compression Leggings

Ilu Fitwear Compression Leggings


The colour Blue, generally in any shade happens to be my favourite colour so with that in mind I was completely drawn to the contouring effect of the turquoise strip running from each side at the top of  glutes, around the lower thigh and knee area finishing off at the ankles.

The compression leggings flattered the model on Ilu’s website and when trying them on for the first time I am pleased to say they flattered my somewhat curvy figure too!


I don’t have a straight body as such, I have wide hips, thick thighs and a slight perked derrière (blame my genes) and despite my size 10 waist, I usually find myself battling with lycra leggings (or jeans for that fact) to go up past my thighs and bum which usually results in having to opt for a next size up. This leaves the lycra leggings (and jeans) fitting around the thighs and bum nicely but faaar too baggy and loose around the waist!

I know some of you ladies reading this will share the same frustration as me but can honestly say I did not experience this with the Ilu Fitwear sporty compression leggings.

Ordered in a size 10 these leggings fit like a second skin and really look great on, and taking the Mr’s numerous complements on the overall fit into consideration whenever I came back from training sporting these babies they really are a lovely and make a great addition to one’s fitness wardrobe.

One of the things that grabbed my attention when reading the description on Ilu Fitwear’s site was the designers claim in the giving the wearer a’ tummy flattening’ and ‘bottom shaping’ look.

Whilst the waist band is nice and thick I couldn’t say that I noticed my midriff looking any flatter whilst wearing them and my derrière didn’t look any different or enhanced in them, but that’s just my own experiences and other women and young teens who own a pair of these leggings could have experienced these claims.

Sporty Compression Leggings – Performance Test

Moving onto the performance of the leggings, I couldn’t fault them even if I attempted to! I LOVED the fact that they didn’t ride up or fall down once during the numerous times I had trained in them. As they are second skin fitting they are not restricting at all and works with your body.


Over the past couple of months I have completed intense indoor kickboxing sessions leading up to my black belt exam, outdoor HIIT sessions, Pylometric circuits and Nike’s We Own The Night 10k Run.


These leggings withstood everything I threw at them!

They retained its shape, vibrancy and colour after numerous washes and tumble-drying and continues to perform well whenever I train in them.

Ilu Fitwear Racer Back Top


Moving onto the Ilu Fitwear Racer Back Top. I really like the overall fit and feel of this sporty racer back. Despite the fact that the design of this top flares slightly outwards towards the bottom it is still very much figure hugging and does not ride up like other sports tops I have purchased previously.

This is always a plus sign for me as my usual training regime outside of martial arts and kickboxing is HIIT and Plyometric sessions (I can never get enough) so was good to experience not having to stop mid workout to pull down or tuck in my top (there’s nothing more infuriating).

The ilu site suggests that this top provides ‘ inner uplifting support for your bust’ and upon trying it on without a sports bra for the first time, the support (or lack of) was non existant so now always opt to wear a sports bra underneath the supercool and vibrant racer back as I outright refuse to sport the ‘nipple seeping through look’. Nah ah, no siree!

I see this alot at the gym classes and whilst outdoor training, and won’t be at all bothered if this happened in a women’s only class for we have the same body parts but would be dammed if I gave opposite sex the satisfaction of spotting seeping nipples through my top due to lack of bra support!

Now I apologise in advance if I made you spit your coffee/ water out choking with laughter whilst reading that paragraph but I’m just keeping it real and being true to my word 😉 If this top is to be worn without a bra, it would be a good idea to design a descreet padded area so we ladies don’t leave ourselves exposed and show off more than what we intend to.

Racer Back Top – Performance Test

The top itself is made with sweat wicking technology, something I always look for in sports clothing, in particular tops so this feature scored extra brownie points with me.

I generally don’t sweat heaps during a workout, but in the instance where I do work up a serious full body sweat, the last thing I want to do is to be fighting and wrestling way out of my top (we’ve all been here before no doubt).

Ilu’s Racer back top comes off effortlessly and just like the matching compression leggings, it too retains its shape, vibrancy and colour after numerous washes and tumble-drying. The Logo is still intact and shows no sign of wear and tear (I’ve been in possession of both these pieces since March 14).


The Ilu Fitwear sporty compression leggings were at the time I recieved them £69.99 (I can see you wince through your computer screen) but with the second collection launch being just around the corner, Ilu have genourously slashed the original price and the leggings are now available to purchase at a reasonable £39.99 when brought direct from the Ilu Fitwear site, are currently available in UK waist sizes 6 – 14 and is designed in four different vibrant colours.

The Ilu Fitwear Racer Back Top can be purchased for £35.99 also when brought directly from the Ilu Fitwear site, are available in UK sizes 6 – 14 and is designed in five super cool and vibrant colours (I have my eye on the yellow one).


Whilst some may argue that the choice of colours are ‘too girly’ , I quite like the choice of colours used and love that the entire range currently on offer can easily be mixed and matched to sport a trendy, classy look without revealing too much flesh. I honestly cannot fault the pieces kindly gifted to me in performance, asthetics and overall price and for those three reasons, Ilu Fitwear gets my seal of approval as great pieces of flattering fitness gear you can rely on whilst getting your sweat on!


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