Coming Up on ‘Kit Essentials’ – Tried and Tested High Impact Sport Bras

Ladies, this article was thought about and written especially for YOU! I am sure you can share my frustration when we invest in and purchase a sports bra (sometimes an expensive one at that) only to be left disappointed with overall performance, fit & feel whilst we get our sweat on working out.

With that in mind, I have teamed up with a few brands that manufacture sports bras to test drive them, all with the view to see weather or not they simply live up to their expectations.

The first of this series will see me test ‘high impact’ sports bras as my main sporting discipline and background is in Kick-Boxing / Martial Arts.

My chosen sport involves ALOT of fast movement, kicking, jumping and sudden changes of direction and throughout the session I am constantly on the go with minimal breaks.

I have yet to find a sports bra that provides me with:

  • Adequate support
  • Looks great but is also
  • Well designed without flattering my girls!!!

This I feel will also be great insight for ladies that train in the following high impact sports:

  • Boxing
  • Cross-fit
  • Running / Sprinting
  • Football
  • Handball / Netball
  • Basketball
  • Fencing to name a few

I am hoping after my in depth research, together with my ‘tried and tested approach’ whilst comparing the performance results to the claims will hopefully help you take the ‘guess work’ out of choosing a sports bra suitable for your training needs.

The past month or so has seen me put a variety of sports bra brands through their paces to see how they fair in the following areas:

  • Overall Fit
  • Support
  • Performance
  • Affordability and Value

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and findings with you ladies over the next coming days whilst Founder and brainchild behind the UK’s No 1 Specialist ports Bra retailer Less Bounce Selaine Saxby shares with us her knowledge and expertise on the sheer importance of investing in a sports-bra when working out regardless how small or big your bust may be.

Stay Tuned!