Becoming A Brooks Blogger: Glycerin Jacket II Review

I have always been a huge fan of Brooks Running footwear, after all their GTS12’s were my trainer of choice of trainer to invest in for numerous running / outdoor events I had lined up back in 2012 and whilst browsing through their website a month or so ago, I came across a ‘become a brooks blogger’ advertisement encouraging writers like myself to email reasons why they should be selected as a brooks blogger.

I was hesitate to enter at first but decided to bite the bullet and send across my entry for consideration without anticipating the thought that I would actually be chosen.

Delighted with the email reply confirming I had indeed been chosen, as a Brooks Blogger I was given the opportunity to review any item of clothing or footwear. It was a close call between the brand new GTS 14’s or the Glycerin Jacket II but decided to go with the jacket as it was different and very technical looking, something I did not have as part of my fitness wardrobe.

Having had the chance to road test it for over a month, below are my thoughts on the Glycerin Jacket II.

The Glycerin Jacket II was available in three different colour ways at the time, Pomegranate, Blue / White and Orange White and Pink. I was sent the stunningly pomegranate colour and after trying it on, I instantly fell in love with the technicalities and soft feel of this jacket.

Its incredibly slim fitting design flatters the figure and I particularly LOVED the length of the jacket. Ladies, if you happen to be the particularly conscious type when wearing skin tight Lycra leggings to work out in, I can assure you it does a fantastic job of covering ones derrière without ever causing restriction!


The added addition of thumb-holes and oversized collar makes this a perfect choice for colder days and nights when out and about pounding the pavement.


The over sized collar can be worn up to protect you from the elements when training outdoors or can be rolled down during warmer climates to show off a half zip like stylish fit.

The jacket has side zipped pockets on each side and the depth is quite generous which is always a bonus for me (I despise jackets that have barely there pockets) and if that wasn’t enough there is also media pocket on the inside of the jacket to put your phone in.


When wearing my Glycerin Jacket II whilst training outdoors, I find myself not needing to take an additional bum bag for all my essential items such as my mobile, house keys, small change and snack bar of choice all fit within the allocated without added extra bulk!


I am also in LOVE with the reflective Brooks logo down the side of the left arm. This ensures I still remain visible if training outdoors at night. I have washed this jacket numerous times now and was delighted that it still retained its shape, vibrancy and elasticity.

As well as training in, I found this jacket a great garment to wear pre and post workout as it keeps your muscles nice and warm before and after exercise and if you’re like me who like to pair sports wear with everyday casual items of clothing, the Glycerin jacket looks great when paired with skinny jeans coordinated with trainers of your choice 🙂

Overall I am really happy with the performance of the Glycerin Jacket II. The super soft, stretchy moisture wicking fabric ensures I stay dry throughout my intensive workouts and despite its slim fit, the jacket is not restricting at all, it works with you rather than against you enabling you to move as freely as you wish.

This article is also featured on the Brooks Running UK website

Photo Credits: This Woman’s Word