Bass Buds – Super Stylish In Ear Headphones Made With Swarovski Elements

So… I have  been the proud owner of my new Candy Bass Buds coming up to three weeks now and must say I absolutely adore them!!! *they never leave my side* I was lucky and very fortunate to have won these lil beauts via a twitter competition @InspireLS was running a little over a month ago.

In my humble opinion, I definitely think these super cool and stylish earphones should be part of any gym-goers / fitness enthusiasts ‘Kit Essentials and have outlined the reasons why below.

What are Bass Buds?

Bass Buds are a new brand of  in ear headphones currently taking the market by storm! Made with Advanced Crystaltronics sound technology, this enables Bass Buds to use noise isolation and ultra-distortion-free bass / crisp treble… giving the owner a clear, crisp sound whilst taking their audio experience to the next level.

Did I also mention that they are made with REAL Swarovski Elements? *A major plus for me*

If that wasn’t enough to get you intrigued, Bass Buds are designed with a built in hands-free mic which is surprisingly is compatible with all smartphones, giving a slight edge over it’s fellow competitors.

What makes them ‘Kit Worthy’?

Having the customer in mind when designing a product is an important factor to me and I honestly feel that Bass Buds does just that. With over 20 stunning and vibrant colours to choose from over two cool collection lines, you have free reign to choose your choice of colour to match your mood, personality and style by simply coordinating the headphones with your workout gear or favourite pair of kicks.

Above all, the stand-out highlight for me personally was the spare silicone an memory foam ear buds that were included within the beautiful luxury gift box which also contained a stylish storage pouch for the headphones and a user manual.

So not only do you now have a total of six spare silicone and three spare memory foam ear buds *a god send for someone like me who is prone to loosing my earbuds lol* the buds also come in different sizes (small, medium and large) , showing that Bass Buds have acknowledged that everyone’s ear canal varies in size.

For those that are the visual type like me, below is a short video showing Bass Buds in all their glory.

So there you have it, these are my reasons why I believe Bass Buds should be a part of your ‘Kit Essentials’ and currently retail around £54.00 here in the UK and approx $85.00 in the USA and Canada.

Should you wish to find out more about this product, Bass Buds can be found online by visiting their official Bass Buds website  , Bass Buds Facebook or by following them on Twitter