Fitness Book Review – The Fat Burn Revolution By Julia Buckley

Has it ever occurred to you the way in which you choose to exercise / workout has a huge impact on actual fat loss? Do you find yourself  putting endless hours in the gym, training on cardio machines and classes etc but are left feeling frustrated and quite de-motivated  because, despite getting noticeably fitter, you still can’t shift those stubborn layers of fat you desperately want to loose?

To cut a long story short, the answer to overcome the above scenario is simply this…

Nutrition is King: Get this right by cutting back on processed food stuff, refined sugar, saturated fats, frizzy drinks and alcohol in favour of eating whole foods that contains a protein with each meal, fruit, plenty of vegetables and complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes and you will be well on your way to leading a healthier style.

Exercise is Queen: What we consume on a daily basis plays a phenomenal 80% in our overall appearance and health but in order to really torch those stubborn fat areas for good the other 20% is made up of exercise and keeping active!

Whilst other types of training will keep you fit and active, nothing shreds fat faster than Incorporating Strength Training in the form of Weights to your exercise regime and fellow fitness writer Julia Buckley  perfectly explains the reasons why in her debt fitness book aptly entitled ‘The Fat Burn Revolution’.

The Fat Burn Revolution Summary


The Fat Burn Revolution is a 12 week programme put together by Julia B and consists of varied 20 – 40minute upper and lower body weight workouts which change and increase in intensity before the body has the chance to get comfortable with them.

The pilot scheme she ran last year as part of The Fat Burn Revolution Book included a group of mixed individuals varying in age, occupation and weight were all successful in achieving fat loss as the picture below clearly shows (picture taken from Julia B’s website).


You will be pleased to know these workouts can be completed in the comfort of your own home and all you need to invest in are the following pieces of equipment:

  • A copy of The Fat Burn Revolution Book (obviously)
  • A set of dumbells (either fixed weight or barbell)
  • A swiss / exercise ball

This cleverly constructed 12 week programme is split up into three phases, with each phase lasting 4 weeks before progressing onto the next one.

Julia recommends you complete each suggested workout six days a week with one rest day before repeating it for the duration of the phase.

Whilst the above is the suggested no of workout days to see best results at the end of the programme, Julia also strongly advises to listen to your body and points out if you feel you need to take more than one rest day, then by all means do.

The Fat Burn Revolution will keep your system fired up for a maximum fat burning effect even after the sessions have been complete.

One reason this is super-effective is because of the “after burn” effect.

Your metabolic rate will go through the roof and stays elevated even after you finish training while your body adapts and recovers.

This will inevitably cause you to burn more fat for 24 – 48 hours after exercising, depending on how intense the training session was.

My Thoughts on The Fat Burn Revolution

I was fortunate have been given a copy of the e-book version to review at the beginning of this year and must say I love the contents of the book.

Julia has effortlessly broken down what can be deemed a complex and somewhat daunting subject of weight / strength training, especially for those completely new to this method in a simple, easy to understand manner without all the technicalities.

Her passion to reach out and help individuals with their frustrations on the lack of fat loss when training (if that is one of their goals) is evident throughout this book and she is in no way knocking other forms of training.


Through her own training experiences and frustrations at stalled fat loss whilst being a keen endurance runner, Julia began experiencing with different methods to incorporate and stumbled across weight training.

When she introduced weights into her own exercise regime, this resulted in a stronger, fitter and healthier version of herself and she now encourages her clients and those who sought after her expertise to shred fat to also take up weights by following her Fat Burn Revolution Programme.

I hate to bring gender into the equation but have got to say it is incredably refreshing for a well known, reputable female personal trainer and fitness journalist to publically commend weight training for women, all whilst busting the common myths and fears surrounding women who lift getting ‘too bulky’.

I have literally lost count of the times I have heard this personally throughout the years and these myths couldn’t be further from the truth!

We females are not dainty; and limitations should not be put on us to partake in yoga, group classes and cardio machines (again not knocking this type of training if your goal is not fat loss).

We are STRONG , and if we get over the initial fear of lifting weights because ‘society’ wants to wrap us up in cotton wool, telling us we will look like the hulk, if we begin to anticipate the thought of lifting heavy weights you will be astounded at the way your body can transform (you don’t have to take it to the extreme of bodybuilding to achieve results).

This book is not just for beginners though, for experienced fitness enthusiasts and regular strength trainers will also benefit from this programme as you simply start at the weight you can comfortably lift and progress from there, making it challenging at all times.

I personally will be following this challenge once my 1st Dan Kickboxing Grading is completed in March 14 but might just take the plunge and incorporate it alongside my martial arts training as I can only see it benefiting my overall performance (thank you for devising an easy to follow, functional programme Julia!)

Below is a short video explaining just how the The Fat Burn Revolution works.

If after reading this article and watching this video, you have also been inspired and want to try something new by incorporating The Fat Burn Revolution into your training regime, you can do so by purchasing the book via Amazon.

I also recommend (if you haven’t already) booking marking her website Julia Buckley (whom I may add is one of the UK’s leading fitness bloggers ) for daily fitness inspiration and motivation whilst following her on Facebook and Twitter.