Top 10 Gift Ideas For Babies and Toddlers – Educational Toys and Weaning Edition

Within a blink of an eye Christmas and the New Year seemed to have passed us by and for my little family and I the festive period wasn’t focused around the giving of presents as such but more about our actual presence with family and close friends.

If you are anything like me who loves to gift your loved ones throughout the year then my Gift Ideas series may just be what you are looking for. Over the course of the next week, I will be sharing my Top 10 Gift Ideas for Green and Eco Beauty , Organic Clothing as well as gifts for the Health and Fitness Enthusiast. To kick off the series, today I’ll be sharing my Top 10 Gift Idea’s For Babies and Toddlers – Educational Toys and Weaning Edition.¬†So without further ado (and in no particular order), below are my suggestions. Enjoy reading ūüôā

**Little Tikes Activity Garden Treehouse RRP £89.99


When your little bundle is comfortably crawling, bum shuffling or scooting around the house whilst showing signs of being able to pull him/herself up to standing, the Activity Garden Treehouse from Little Tikes comes highly recommended!

Your little Explorer will be fascinated for hours on end as they set about learning through sequence and cause and effect whilst navigating their way around the adjustable Treehouse. Available via Little Tikes.

Sophie La Giraffe Natural Rubber Teether RRP £13.94


Teething… A grim process all babies go through. Although most of the time us parents can feel an overwhelming sense of helplessness when our babies are in the process of cutting a new tooth, be rest assured that we can actually help ease the pain of their sore, inflamed gums by offering them something safe and natural to chew and naw on.

Sophie La Giraffe is made from natural rubber and the finishing details are completed using food paint. With parents recommending this product globally, I believe every child should own a Sophie. Available via ethical retailer Babi Pur.

**Skip Hop Zoo Lunchie Lunch Box RRP £14.00 and Straw Bottle RRP £6.00


Lunchboxes… An essential purchase for any parent or caregiver. Not only for preschoolers and upwards but also for Babies under the age of 1 who have begun their weaning journey.

Speaking from personal experience, weaning essentials such as food, tupperware, sippy cups/flasks etc were taking up a vast amount of space in my changing bag whenever I was preparing to take food on the go for my Son. Whilst looking for a solution I came across the Skip Hop Zoo range.

Now all of Eco’s weaning bits and bobs are conveniently stored in thee most cutest of Lunchie designs. With an array of different animals to choose including matching cutlery, plates, bowls and insulated food jars you’ll honestly find yourself spoilt for choice and want it ALL!

HAPE Country Critters Play Cube RRP £94.06



Being a natural products enthusiastic, Wooden toys are my prefered choice over plastic so when searching for an activity cube that also doubles as something safe for a young baby to hoist and explore, the Country Critters  Play Cube from Ethical Toy brand Hape comes to mind. With features including mazes, shapes, levers and croaking creatures this five sided play cube can be enjoyed for many years to come. Available via Amazon UK.

**Leapfrog My Pal Violet/Scout RRP £16.99


What’s not to LOVE about an aesthetically pleasing cuddly bear? Especially one that interacts with your little cherub and provides an educational element!

I’ve watched in awe at my little Eco happily playing with his Violet, gleefully singing and clapping along to familiar nursery rhymes and dancing to the instrumental music at a change of a button. This is by far his favourite toy to play with.

My Pal Violet/Scout¬†offering from educational toy brand Leapfrog can also be customised, allowing you to put your child’s age and name so the bear can interact according to their development and even helps to spell their name.

**UK Infantino Gym Ball Pit RRP £59.99


It is most likely that one of your first purchases as a new/expectant parent aside from deciding on where/what your baby will sleep in is a vibrant sensory Baby Gym/Mat.

As babies grow at an alarming rate you would ideally want to invest in something that will last more than a few months before it is stored away in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust.

This is where Infantino Baby 3 in 1 Gym and Ball Pit springs to mind. Designed to accommodate our little’s from birth to toddlerhood in three easy to change stages, play can enjoyed no matter their age. Available via Mothercare.

**Vital Baby Swim Rings RRP £9.99


Make bathtime FUN with these BPA Free colourful swim rings. Accompanied with charming sea characters such as an octopus, crab, fish and a turtle  your little bundle is bound to enjoy making a splash with this set. Available via Vital Baby.

**Whisbear The Humming Bear RRP £39.90


If like I you have a baby that is an incredibly light sleeper or one that just won’t settle for instance then Whisbear The Humming Bear is exactly what you need to try in an attempt to help your babe to get better quality sleep.

The gentle white noise will block out any surrounding sounds whilst also soothing your little. Note: Not all babies will respond positively to white noise but it’s worth trying.

Close Parent Pop-in Coverall Bib RRP £10.99


Weaning can get extremely messy, especially if one decides to embark on the baby led route . Investing in a few essentials such these gorgeous coverall bibs to reduce your little being covered head to toe in food will not only save you time when it comes to clearing up, their clothing will be protected too. Available via Close Parent.

These coveralls also can also be used as a crafts/ messy play apron thus increasing the longevity of this item.

Grimms Large Conical Tower RPP £25.99



As your baby grows, his/her skills will also develop as they learn to figure things out for themselves. Encourage your child to master their problem solving skills with this rainbow themed Conical Tower Stack offering from leading ethical toy brand Grimms. This is on my birthday present list for Eco when he turns 1 on the 28th of next month please god.

I hope this gift ideas article has helped you if you find yourself stumped for ideas as to what Educational Toys and Weaning products to purchase for Babies and Toddlers.

Be sure to check back on Friday for suggested Gift Ideas For the Man/Men in your life.

Disclaimer: Items marked with ** were PR samples kindly sent but NO money was exchanged. As always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and entirely my own.