Real Nappy Week 2017 24th – 30th April 2017 – One Word One Change 

Good Afternoon Beautiful People. If you haven’t already guessed by my Twitter feed, tomorrow sees the cloth nappy industry take part in the 21st year of Real Nappy Week. Ever since finding out I was expecting back in the summer of 2015, I made a conscious decision to try cloth nappies in favour of using disposables.

Over the course of RNW17, I will be sharing my experiences about the different brands I have used, what has and hasn’t worked for us and tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way 14 months in since my Son and I started our cloth nappy journey.

For those intrigued and want to learn more about Real Nappy Week, allow me to give you a brief insight…

What Is Real Nappy Week?

Real Nappy Week is led by the people at Go Real who use this annual week to raise awareness regarding all things cloth, dispell any myths whilst enlightening you about the numerous benefits one will gain by making the switch.

Not to mention the AWESOME discounts you can take advantage of across the entire cloth nappy industry by visiting leading online retailers such as Babi Pur, Giveaways and Competitions you can enter via participating brands social media channels and events / nappichino’s happening up and down the country.

The Theme this year is One Word One Change

Go Real‘s theme is all about CHANGE, encouraging families to make the change from their disposable stash to cloth.

This does not mean an all or nothing approach. By simply making the decision to use a cloth nappy just once during the day or night will be not only save you money, it will also contribute to saving our environment too!

By choosing Cloth over Single Use disposable Nappies, families could make up to an impressive 40% carbon saving.

Currently UK families send 355,000 tons of single use nappies to landfill each year, costing Local Authorities (and tax payers) £32 million a year. This has to change!

My Involvement In Real Nappy Week 2017

For once I am organised as opposed to being last minute. This means not only will I be sharing my thoughts and experiences about some of the cloth brand nappies and accessories I have been using on my Son including Tots Bots, Close ParentWonderoos and Cheeky Wipes, I will also be hosting a few competitions of my own to win a few cloth nappy bundles so do make sure you’re following me on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Should you be intrigued to learn more about Real Nappy Week after reading this article, do ensure you pay a visit to Go Real’s website where you can find details about your Local Nappy Library , video demonstrations on How to Use Cloth Nappies and a full list of Councils and Boroughs that offer incentive schemes / cash back for residents wishing to try cloth nappies and reduce their carbon saving.

Are you taking part in Real Nappy Week? Let me know by leaving a comment in the box below.