The Baby Show Kensington Olympia 2015 + Top 10 Stands To Check Out


Now that I’ve finally shared with you my pregnancy news *and breath* I thought I’d take this opportunity to fill you on my experience and thoughts of The Baby Show Kensington Olympia. For those not already familiar, The Baby Show is thee mother of all exhibitions specifically aimed at parents and parents to be of newborns right through to early years where small businesses, start up companies and the leading brands most known within the industry come together under one roof to showcase an abundance of baby and toddler products on offer. It is a three day event taking place from 23rd – 25th October 2015.

Initial Thoughts of The Baby Show 2015

Given this was my first ever baby exhibition coupled with being a first time Mother, I did feel a little, who am I kidding more like MASSIVELY overwhelmed and completely out of my depth to begin with, but thankfully for me, I was accompanied by the ever delightful Charlotte, an experienced parent and lifestyle blogger who writes over at Berice Baby (a blog I highly recommend you follow).

As we attended on the first day of exhibition (press day) I was quite surprised that Charlotte and I could get around the various sections of the venue without coming across horrendous queues as you would expect an exhibition this large to have. We stayed for pretty much most of the day and felt it was well organised and exceeded my expectations in just how easy it was to get around. For some reason I had previously envisaged unbearable overcrowding with tons of pushchairs to squeeze past. This wasn’t the case at all.

Learning from my previous mistakes when attending such exhibitions, I ensured I travelled light (handbag in toe for storing essential small items) and had a bottle of water to hand to keep me from getting dehydrated. Whilst I have known about my pregnancy for the last six month, the reality of becoming a mother suddenly felt more real when being in an environment filled with educational baby books, toys, nursery furniture, buggies, prams and pushchairs, the abundance of clothing and carriers / slings on offer.

My Top 10 Stands and Favourite Brands of The Baby Show 2015.

Whilst I would encourage you to try and see every brand at the show, but as it’s the last day of the exhibition I thought I’d share with you my Top 10 Stands of the event.

No 1: British Red Cross – Baby First Aid Course #RappedUp

British Red Cross BabyFirst Aid #rappedup bloggers course held on 23rd – 24th Oct 15.

Now I am no stranger to first aid, for I hold qualifications covering the workplace (day job) and common sports injuries (kickboxing) but must admit, I am totally clueless when it comes to dealing with situations involving children and small babies so therefore jumped at the chance to book my place on the exclusive British Red Cross Baby First Aid#RappedUp crash course for press which is designed to make life easier for parents.

The sessions were extremely informative and by the end of the half an hour demonstration, I left feeling totally confident (rating 10-10) to handle situations such as child choking, fibrile seizures and burns at home but at the same time, I was somewhat baffled as to why these mandatory life saving skills are not widely taught for free as part of our regular antenatal check-ups and classes or shortly after birth!

Charlotte of Berice Baby and I clowning around at #rappedup photobooth

Charlotte and I could not resist taking few minutes post first aid demonstration to childishly fool around with some props and take fun snaps at the #rappedup photobooth 🙂

No 2: gNappies

gNappies – Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Disposable and Reusable Nappies

Now as soon as I found out we were expecting I instantly knew that my passion for sourcing all things synthetic free, organic and eco-friendly will be my number 1 priority for our little one and nappies were no exception! Of course you have the likes of leading brands like Pampers etc. but if I am completely honest, I am not entirely comfortable with my child (please god) being exposed to unnecessary chemicals, dyes and other synthetic ingredients that will no doubt irritate bubs super sensitive skin and was extremely delighted when I learned that gNappies were exhibiting at The Baby Show.

In summary gNappies are colourful nappy covers called gPants that you use with biodegradable* disposable inserts or a gcloth (reusable). What’s most impressive is knowing you are ‘doing your bit’ to save the planet by using this brand as your typical conventional disposable nappy takes up to 500 years to break down! If you too share the same passions for synthetic free, eco-friendly products the lovely people gNappies Stand G5 is definitely worth visiting.

No 3: Tommee Tippee 

Tommee Tippee #parenton – Image taken by Charlotte of Berice Baby

With an overwhelmingly vast choice of different brands out currently on the market that cater to bottle feeding and expressing breast milk, I found it hard to make sense of all the different technicalities. One brand in particular that left a lasting impression on both Charlotte and I was Tommee Tippee and their revolutionary new product Express and Go which uses a single pouch to express, store, warm and feed thus removing the need to decant breast milk.

Breastfeeding my child is high on the agenda for me (if I am able to that is) but also like the idea of expressing should Daddy want share in on feeding duties or in the instance that Baby S’ is being briefly looked after by his or her grandparents.

Tommee Tippee also have a fun social media campaign called #ParentOn taking place towards the back of the venue near Emma’s Diary Pick Up and Collect Point where you simply take a selfie (gosh I despise that word) using one of their three framed slogans and upload it to social media platforms Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to check Tommee Tippee out on Stand E20.

No 4: Maxi Cosi UK

With the ever changing rules and regulations surrounding safe driving with little passengers on board, choosing the right car seat is a headache to say the least. It’s a saturated market and can be confusing but after extensive research and a number of personal recommendations Maxi Cosi were the brand I most interested in speaking to. Having seen the car seats in person, together with being given a thorough breakdown on their different makes and rear facing models, I am confident I have found our preferred car seat. Maxi Cosi can be found on Stand D50.

No 5: Fitta Mamma

Image Courtesy of Fitta Mamma

Staying true to my sporting background, how could I not attend The Baby Show exhibition and not actively seek out (pun intended) a maternity active wear brand! British owned Fitta Mamma has been know to me way before I fell pregnant in June and can honestly say after trying on a few items from their range, they are one of the comfiest items of clothing I’ve worn in a long whilst. With slogan tops such as ‘Fit Baby’ and ‘Staying Active Together‘ expectant fitness mummies will love this brand. Fitta Mamma can be found on Stand D120 (at the back of the venue near Emma’s Diary).

No 6: Poddle Pod

Image Courtesy of Poddle Pod UK

Thinking ahead to when our little one is with us (this is of course subject to no complications during pregnancy and birth please god) I have quietly been thinking to myself how I would go about completing everyday household duties without bubs literally being attached to my hip and found the answer when I spied another British and award winning brand Poddle Pod.

Poddle Pod is a weight activated snuggle nest, designed to give your baby the feeling of being cradled in your arms and is available in two different size variations. I was further impressed (earning them extra brownie points) upon learning that these pods are made from hypo allergenic and anti-fungal hollowfibre filling which is covered in 100% cotton, designed not only for pure comfort, but is also breathable too. This fabulous creation also gives me the reassurance I need for when the milestone of ‘tummy time’ approaches. Poddle Pod can be found on Stand B90.

No 7: Isla and Wilbur

Isla and Wilbur Organic Bedding

Going back to the theme of organic, synthetic free brands, new to market British brand Isla & Wilbur blew Charlotte and I away with their incredibly soft to touch, organic bed sheets. Made from 100% bamboo and adorable animal themed printed, stumbling across these gender neutral nursery items and bedding were one of my highlights of the exhibition. The personal story behind how this brand was created was also fascinating and whilst only a few months old, I predict great things for this wonderful family owned brand. Isla and Wilbur can be found on Stand D80.

No 8: Bowties and Candyfloss

Mono-chrome HEAVEN! Bowties and Candyfloss

Now this brand is one for all you fashion conscious parents out there that LOVE to stay ahead of the game and keep up with the ever changing fashion trends. Bowties and Candyfloss instantly stood and were one of my favourite baby clothing brands at the exhibition with their gorgeous mono-chrome gender neutral pieces and brightly coloured prints. What’s more impressive besides the chic and oh sooo cute co-ords is that every single item displayed is hand sewn by mother of one and founder Alex O’Garro. Bowties and Candyfloss can be found on Stand D90.

No 9: Bubba Bibs

Snapped taking a closer look at Bubba Bibs – Image taken by Charlotte of Berice Baby

Bibs, an essential item on every parent to be are high on every parent’s priorities. However, being the eldest child with siblings much younger than I, I have always disliked bibs with Velcro fastenings as I recall them forever picking up unwanted dust or pieces of hair, which not only makes it unhygienic but would also loose its grip over time.

With Bubba Bibs however, their bandana style bids are fastened with nickel-free poppers, a BIG thumbs up for me. The top layers of these bibs are made from 100% cotton but most impressively, bubba bibs are lined with a super-soft polar fleece. Having spoken to the lady on the stand, she advised me that the fleece part of the bib stays dry – meaning us parents are able to change our baby’s clothes less frequently after meal time (how’s that for convenience).

With over 150 designs to choose from together with extremely affordable prices, Bubba Bibs for me are a product I will be investing in and am sure you’ll love them just as much as I do. Bubba Bibs can be found on Stand A41.

N0 10: Bumpkins

Proudly displaying my ever-growing bump – Image taken by Charlotte of Berice Baby

Capturing your precious pregnancy moments to treasure for years to come in the form of family portraits has got to be on every mum to be’s check-list and I found mine in the form of much raved about and trusted family portrait brand Bumpkins.

They have an superb deal exclusively for those attending The Baby Show which allows one to book a 45 minute session at their main studio in West London, an image with frame to keep (RRP £125) + two further prints of your choice for the mere price of just £10.00! Bumpkin were the people behind my picture announcing my pregnancy news and am already putting ideas together for our own photo session around December / early January 2016. Bumpkins can be found on Stands A50, D98, E1 & H23.<

Now I know the title says ‘Top 10 Stands to check out’ but after nearing the end, I remembered a couple of other brands that made an impress on me so I’m cheekily throwing in two other recommendations that I’m sure you’ll also like.

No 11: Bundle Bean

Bundle Bean all weather carrier cover – Image taken by Charlotte of Berice Baby

I’m undecided weather I want to invest in a pram, pushchair or buggy during the first few months after our little one is born (please god) but one thing I do know for certain is my LOVE for baby carriers and slings. I’ve yet to fully explore these options in its entirety but came across an innovative waterproof and all weather carry cover brand by the name of Bundle Bean.

Besotted with the soft warm feel, I went a step further and tried one on. It’s pretty easy once I figured out how to clip in and got an insight to how it might feel with bubs tucked cosily inside. This of course will be worn in addition to an actual baby carrier / sling but and can already see the benefits of investing in a cover or two! Bundle Bean can be found on Stand B122.

No 12: Water Wipes

Baby wipes. Another saturated market that offers has hundreds of different brands to choose from. Now I know from getting into the habit of always inspecting the ingredients list label on any beauty / cosmetic brands that most high street products contain high levels of chemicals, perfumes and other man-made ingredients. This unfortunately is the same for baby wipes hence doing thorough research on which brand to bulk buy.

Ways to attract a pregnant lady, have actual midwifes in uniform on your stand! That’s exactly what Water Wipes did. Drawn in before I knew anything about the product I got to talking to a few of them. After testing a wipe against the back of my hand I inquisitively enquired about the ingredients used but wasn’t prepared for what I was about to read.

Aqua (water) 99.9% and Citrus Grandis seed extract (0.01%) That’s it! Just two natural ingredients ladies and gents. I was completely sold by then. Charlotte and I also thought these wipes would make a great facial wipe for removing make-up. Water Wipes can be found on Stand C1.

So there you have it, my thoughts on my first ever baby exhibition as a parent to be complete with my Top 12 Stands you MUST visit at this year’s Baby Show Kensington Olympia. If you are reading this and also went along to the exhibition, I’d love to know what your favourite stands and brand were by commenting on the box at the end of this article 🙂

Thank You’s 

I’d like to conclude this article by thanking the ever delightful and awesome pblogger Charlotte of Berice Baby for accompanying me to the event. I had a total blast on Friday was great to finally meet and hang out with you! An extended thank you to Tasha and team of Stature PR for our complimentary press passes. The event was well organised, not at all stressful and loved our baby first aid session with The British Red Cross!

Now that my baby news has been made public along with my first baby exhibition under my belt, you can no doubt expect more baby and pregnancy related posts that will feature all of these brands mentioned and more.

Hope you found this article informative, until next time Beautiful People x

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post nor was any monies exchanged. I was given a complimentary press pass to attend The Baby Show in exchange for a review of the event. As always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and entirely my own.

  • bericebaby

    Awesome post hun!
    We had such a great time (The british red cross photo booth was TOO funny) & you did amazing for your first ever baby exhibition while being pregnant. I was pregnant at my first and I don’t remember being as calm as you 😀
    Can’t wait to see you again xxx

    • Naaawww, thank you love! I sincerely appreciate the kind comments. Having you accompany me to the show made the entire day extremely enjoyable and without sounding like a soppy mere I now have memories that I will treasure for a long time 🙂 Fooling around at the British Red Cross photo-booth was defo one of the highlights of the day closely followed by the frantic giggles in attempting to get onto the massive Stokke wooden chair without falling lol. In all honestly, my calm demeanour was down to having an experienced mother and pblogger by my side so again, Thank You lady! A catch up in November is an absolute MUST please god. xXx

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