From Pregnancy To Motherhood: Introducing Our New Addition + Gender Reveal

Life as I knew it changed forever (for the better) on Sunday 28th February 2016! Having went into spontaneous labour at 41+5 weeks on the evening of Saturday 27th February, our little ray of sunshine entered this world the following morning via a natural water birth as planned, thus avoiding the need for the dreaded induction I wasn’t keen on taking. Fortunately for me, my length of labour was extremely quick too, with established labour lasting a total of 150 minutes.

I won’t go into great detail about my actual birth experience as I plan to document this in a separate post so without further ado, allow me to introduce to you our First Born ‘Baby Eco’, who weighed a healthy 7lbs 14.

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It was love at first sight for my other half and I and despite the past 9 days being a steep learning curve with sleep deprivation thrown into the mix, it is hard to imagine life without our little prince. Every chance I get I keep staring at him, blown away by the whole process of gestation and how two people can come together and create life!

I will be sharing my birth story with you all very soon but wanted to update you on the safe arrival of our little Boy for those who have actively been following my pregnancy journey via the blog and relating social media channels. I am keeping this post short and sweet as Alexan is due a feed now and with me opting to breastfeed exclusively that means I’m at his beck and call.

This thing called Motherhood is truly wonderful! Words cannot honestly explain the feelings and emotions one feels and am just extremely thankful and beyond blessed to be experiencing life as new proud parents with my significant other as we embark on this new journey to Love, Guide, Protect, Teach and Nurture our first born Son Eco so long as we are both on this earth please god! x

  • I’m welling up reading this. Congratulations lovely lady, to you and your family. He is a gorgeous little boy. x

    • Aww Hels, don’t make me start crying lol! Sincerely appreciate your kind comments. My other half says thank you also. Hope to catch up with you real soon please god xxx

  • Ana Green

    Congratulations Dani, and I am so pleased for you that you got the birth experience you had hoped for. Enjoy your new arrival Xx

    • Hey Ana, appreciate you stopping by to read my birth announcement and count myself extremely fortunate to have had the birth experience I had hoped for ever since I found out I was expecting. Beyond Blessed! How are you finding the last few weeks of pregnancy? I bet you cannot wait to meet your little one please god x

  • Beautiful post Dani, took forward to a catchup and meeting Alexan at the end of the month. Big love mummy.😘

    • Hey Beauty, appreciate your kind comments and YES to catching up and meeting my little prince at the end of this month please god xx

  • Aww, big congratulations to you both! Amazing, you had such a short labour, it’s great to hear it went according to your plans.

    • Hi there Petra, thank you for passing by to read my birth announcement of my first born Son Alexan. We are all overwhelmed with everyone’s kind comments and well wishes. Yes, I am truly thankful beyond words that I was fortunate enough to have a smooth, low risk pregnancy whilst going into spontaneous labour at 41+5 thus allowing me to have my water birth I sooo wanted to have! Do keep an eye out for my birth story and 1 month update which will be going live over the next two weeks please god xxx

  • Elle Linton

    hoooooooge congrats from me but you know this already 😉 xoxo

    • Awww Thank You Elle! Nothing but LOVE (you know this right) Planning to have a few of you to come and visit Alexan and I at our home towards the end of the month / beginning of April please god. Will be in touch with more details via WA xx

  • Awww massive congratulations lovely!! I’m so glad the birth went to plan and was quick. Alexan is gorgeous, I can’t wait to get to know more about him xxx

    • Hey Sweetie, appreciate the kind comments. Thanks for passing by to read the birth announcement of Alexan. He is a little cutie and is growing by the day! Birth Story and 1 month update will be up on the blog over the next two weeks please god xxx

  • Congratulations lovely! Alexan is absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to reading your birth story! xx

    • Hey Megan, appreciate you stopping by to read my birth announcement, Alexan is blushing at your kind comment 🙂 Currently drafting my Birth Story as we speak. At parts it was not so calm as one would have hoped (think Primal) but got through it nonetheless. Your little boy Arthur is growing soooo lovely! xx

  • So very thrilled for you Dani. He is absolutely adorable and looks like a little angle all snuggled up like that :-). Enjoy the journey and your new addition to the family! xx

    • Thank you Lauretta, I cannot stop staring at him! I am just blessed I was able to conceive and gave birth to a strong and healthy baby boy. Hoping to organise another bloggers dinner date around June 16 please god so hopefully see you there? xx