Baby Shower Gift Ideas To Please Both Mum and Baby

*This is a collaborative post with Onbuy* The arrival of a new baby is an exciting and lifechanging event for both the parents and those around them. Although it is exciting, you can’t deny the stress that comes with it, from making sure your lifestyle changes in order to protect the life growing inside you, to buying everything you need for them and yourself so when the time comes you are ready to provide them with everything they need– which can get pretty costly. This is when baby showers come in very handy! You don’t only gather to celebrate the beginning of a new life, but you are able to help the future parents get everything they need.

Personalised Gifts

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Every baby is unique, and so should the gift be! Personalised baby gifts are a great way of showing you’ve put thought and effort into your purchase, and parents will surely appreciate that. With the personalisation of gifts being more popular than ever, it should be easy to find something with that personal touch. You could get a personalised baby birth date frame, or even a toy with the child’s name on it, the options are endless!

Gift Sets

Baby gift sets are always a good idea if you are unsure about what to get. You can never have enough practical products such as baby creams and shower gels, and they tend to be quite expensive depending on the brand, which makes this gift a very useful one. Some baby gift sets contain toys and other bath essentials such as towels and baby robes, which will keep the bundle of joy entertained and cosy.

Don’t Forget About The Mother!

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Although the excitement of a new baby makes you want to buy all the cute gifts you see, it is the mother that might need a little cheering up with a present! Their bodies are changing every day and having to carry a baby for nine months is no easy task, so it goes without saying that they deserve some pampering. Gift sets containing products such as moisturizing creams against stretch marks is something a future mum would appreciate. Pregnancy survival gifts kits are also a small novelty gift that will put a smile on her face.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Most parents have a list of items they would like to receive at their baby shower, so don’t shy away from asking them what they need. This way you are sure to purchase a gift they would like and it will ensure it won’t be something they already have. Whether it is a baby monitor or a baby bouncer, your gift will be used and loved.

Buy items for different age groups

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Babies grow faster than the blink of an eye, and before you know it they will have outgrown every item received from their shower. A great idea is to buy items for different age groups, whether it’s clothes or toys. The parents will save them for later and can make great use of them when the time comes.

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