A New Chapter In My Life…


Hey there Beautiful People! I feel I owe you lovely readers and followers a MASSIVE apology for dropping completely off the radar these past few months or so. I am conscious that articles which are usually published on a regular basis have been very sporadic as of late and my usual presence across my social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to name a few) has practically been non existence if I am completely honest.

There is a reason behind my absence and aside from the fact my day job as a Compliance Manager has become increasingly demanding and relentless, to the point where I have zero energy when I return home, the main reason is being sidetracked by a secret I’ve been keeping for the last 6 months now.

You’ve probably guessed from the picture taken at The Baby Show yesterday, but just to confirm, my significant other and I are expecting our first child please god and our little one is due mid February 16!

I am now comfortable sharing this news with you as on Tuesday, we reached the 24 week mark without any complications or abnormalities found along the way (praise god). This is also a significant milestone during pregnancy as our unborn child is now classed as ‘viable’, which means should I give birth prematurely from this moment on, our baby has a chance of surviving with assisted medical care.

I have been feeling increasingly guilty for lack of posts but hope you can now understand the reason behind my absence on the blog and social media front. It’s an exciting time for the both of us and whilst I was very hesitant at first to share such news via this site, my blog is an extension of me and as such, a new section on the site will be dedicated for pregnancy and parenthood related articles, advising you on but not limited to the best antenatal fitness classes to attend where you reside, skincare and maternity clothing whilst also shedding light on the things you can and cannot consume throughout the duration of pregnancy.

I cannot thank you enough Beautiful People for your ongoing support over these past three years, and to show my gratitude, I will be hosting a few awesome competitions over the next coming weeks.