European Babywearing Week 2017 8th – 15 May 2017 – I Carry You Always

Moving on from sharing one of my deepest passions (cloth nappies) to the next, I am delighted to enlighten you that tomorrow marks the beginning of European Babywearing Week 2017.

Unlike Real Nappy Week where I prepared my content in advance, I will admit that I was blissfully unaware that such an awesome celebration of all things baby/toddlerwearing across Europe was taking place until yesterday evening (shock horror).

Ideally I would have loved to have organised something, perhaps even teamed up with a few brands to host a few giveaways etc but thought it is never too late to get involved and participate by sharing my Babywearing journey thus far amongst other things.

For those wishing to know more about this wonderful project allow me to explain in more detail…

What Is European Babywearing Week?

European Babywearing Week 2017 is a week for the citizens of Europe to collectively celebrate babywearing in their local communities.

The idea of European Babywearing Week first developed in November 2016, and Rosie Knowles began the process of bringing this week into reality at the beginning of this year.

A Facebook group, involving people from at least 14 nations was used to co-ordinate efforts to create, translate and design the EBW17 image and bring the week into life.

Many people have been involved in this project right from the start.

The Theme Is I Carry You Always


The theme for the first year of European Babywearing Week is “I carry you always” which made me a little teary upon reading as for me, this phrase perfectly sums up my feelings towards my Son Eco, not just in babywearing terms but through life in general.

What’s even more awesome is the phrase being translated into over 30 languages / dialects spoken across European continents and made into an exclusive EBW2017 Sans Frontières woven wrap made by German brand DIDYMOS.


Did You Know? 5 Euros from proceeds of each sale of this wrap will go directly to the charity Medecins Sans Frontieres, from which the cloth takes its name.

Your Involvement During European Babywearing Week 2017

The lovely people behind #EBW2017 are encouraging you to get involved by sharing baby/toddlerwearing photos of your little(s) as part of everyday life, or on specially arranged occasions to mark the week.

This is done not only to spread the love of Babywearing, but also so we can recognise that we are all part of a wider community irrespective of where we reside, thus building bonds through interests in common.

My Involvement During European Babywearing Week 2017

I plan to get participate by sharing our favourite stretchy wraps, soft structured carriers and woven wraps, our favourite carry positions, the benefits of babywearing as well as useful information such where to find your nearest sling and meet library.

I hope you are just as excited as I am!