#parentingthevitalway An Overview of Vital Baby Products

For the past 8 months, Baby Eco and I were fortunate to partake in Vital Babies blogging campaign entitled #ParentingTheVitalWay where we received a selection of products every month to try out with my Son. Below is a full list of what was sent and will then proceed to describing each product as well as sharing my thoughts on them…

  1. Aquaint Sanitising Water
  2. Nurture Health and Safety Kit
  3. Super Soft Fruity Hand and Face Wipes
  4. Soft Spout Baby’s 1st Tumbler
  5. Swim Rings
  6. Soft Tip Weaning Spoons
  7. Twist ‘n’ Lock Freezer Pods
  8. Unbelievabowl
  9. Two Handled Trainer Cup
  10. Trap-a-Snack
  11. Warm-a-Bowl

Our first package arrived early May 16 and contained, in my humble opinion essential baby items including the Nurture Health and Safety Kit, Acquaint Sanitising Water and Fruity Wet Wipes. The health and safety kit was an instant hit with me as it contained a digital bath/room thermometer, a nasal congestion remover and an actual thermometer for checking babes body temperature.

The bath thermo has been used every bathtime since its arrival, providing a visual reassurance that Eco’s bath isn’t too hot, and doubles up as a great teething aid as Eco would often reach for it when in the bath and nibble on its ears.

The nasal decongester was used when his was younger (between 0-4 months) but with most babies he absolutely loathed his nose being touched which often resulted in hysterical crying.

We have also used the body thermometer to keep an eye on his temperature whenever Eco had been poorly post vaccinations, during teething or he has had common cold symptoms.

The Aquaint Sanitising Water was love at first squirt (literally). Being a first time Mother one can get extremely paranoid by your babe coming into contact with germs that I was guilty of using it on EVERYTHING, including public toys at baby groups /  children’s centres and those inciting colourful balls found at soft play venues because as you know, babies under 1 explore the world around them via their little mouths and wanted to protect him as much as I could.

Eco had super sensitive skin from birth to 3 months and quickly found that anything with a fragrance irritated him so didn’t end up using the Fruity Wipes on him. I on the other hand loved the smell and used them to clean my hands and wipe down toys before using the Sanitising water as a double barrier of protection from germs.

Our next package included bath swim rings but only started using  these regularly when Eco took an interest in holding toys and was able to play and interact with the vibrant set (approx 6 months old).


He adores bathtime (he is a water baby after all) and will happily spend an hour + splashing about, eating bath bubbles and playing contently with his bath toys.

We next received baby’s 1st Tumbler and a packet of soft tip weaning spoons, just in time for his weaning journey. I’ve really enjoyed using these since his first introduction to purees at 5.5 months old.


Whilst Eco can comfortably feed himself with finger foods, I’ve been feeding him things like yoghurt, soups and baked beans etc up until last week where I started showing him how to use a spoon (I know, a bit late to the party!).

He’s an incredibly fast learner and after a few demonstrations from me he had a go at scooping a baked bean onto his spoon and successfully guided it into his mouth.

Whilst I’ve tried giving water and vegetable based smoothies via his Tumbler, he would always end up biting the beakers and much  prefers to drink from a straw bottle or an actual cup. That said I love that these weaning essentials are BPA Free.

Up next came the Twist and Lock Freezer Pods, perfect and convenient for storing away your latest batch of home-made food and works just as well for serving portion sized food to your little.

In the same package sent an Unbelievabowl and a Trainer Cup, very similar to the Tumbler we received a few months prior but noticeable bigger with the addition of handles. The Unbelievabowl is another firm favourite of ours and take this with us when out and about visiting family or friends for a lunch date.

parentingthevitalway-an-overview-of-vital-baby-productsAs the bowl comes with a suction attached at the bottom, Eco can enjoy helping himself to finger foods without the contents ending up on the floor! As mentioned previously, Eco has taken to drinking water and smoothies from a straw bottle or sipping from an actual cup so decided to pass this item onto a friend with a child of similar age where it will get more love as opposed to sitting in my kitchen cupboard unused.

Our final package included their Trap-a-Snack and Warm-a-Bowl and Stainless Steel Cutlery Set. The trap-a-snack is used mainly to serve Eco his fruit and raisins but being the ever inquisitive little person he is he has cleverly figured out how to take the soft lid off the container and gets the food this way, which kind of defeats the purpose of using the no mess trap-a-snack.

The Warm-a-Bowl is designed to keep food warm for longer by filling the bowl up with hot water via the valve and whilst it makes a fab product, Eco prefers food at room temperature so again have given this away to a lady at baby group whose little loves food warm.

I have not yet got around to using the ever colourful stainless steel set but as Eco will be turning 1 at the end of this month please god, I am looking forward to teaching him how to use his very own grown up fork, knife and spoon.

Parenting the Vital Way

All of the products kindly sent were awesome but if I were to pick a few favourites then I would narrow it down to the Nurture Health and Safety Kit, Acquaint Sanitising Water, Unbelievabowl and the ever colourful Swim Rings.

I’ll conclude by personally thanking the Vital Baby team and Bump PR for including Baby Eco and I in the #parentingthevitalway project.

Disclaimer: We were sent the items mentioned in exchange for a review. This is NOT a collaborative post, no money was exchanged and contains no affiliate links. As always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and entirely my own.