Living Arrows Week 35/52 (2017) A Playdate At Our Local Softplay

Welcome back to one of my favourite parts of the week, where I share with you beautiful people another instalment of Living Arrows.

For those not familiar it is a weekly series hosted by the lovely Donna Wishart of What The Redhead Said where parents are invited to share and capture moments in their little’s childhood. Here’s what Eco got up to last week.

Living Arrows

The #LivingArrows project originally took it’s name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran

“You are the bows from which your children are sent forth”

Week 35

Last week, little Eco and I went on play-date with another Mum and her daughter who we’ve become good friends with since attending sensory baby groups when they were just months old. We decided to visit a local soft play centre which we only discovered fairly recently. It wasn’t overly busy but wasn’t empty either for the children here in the UK are currently on a 6 week summer holiday break with most schools resuming in the 2nd week of September 2017.

Whilst Miss M got stuck in with all the activities, it took Eco a little while to warm up to the new setting and comfortably explore. I think this was part due to the loud excited screams coming from the older children. I have noticed he becomes observant and a little clingy if the environment we are in is too noisy and overwhelming but he does come around eventually.

After 15 minutes Eco become more adventurous and less wary, eagerly wondering around the soft play arena and actively seeking out M and older children to play with. At the moment he likes to play chase, squealing ‘ner ner ner ner’ and hide and seek.


Now that Eco is fully mobile and runs everywhere, I must admit at finding it hard to take pictures of Eco as he does not stay still but this one was captured as just he came out from his hiding place. We stayed at the premises for about 1.5 hours before eating lunch where they had a cheese sandwich, a bottle of water, squeezy jelly and a few toddler friendly crisps each.

You would have thought all that running around would have tired Eco out but that day he decided to miss his only afternoon nap (currently a recurring theme these past few weeks) and finally settled for the night at 6:45pm.

I am off to check out what the other #LivingArrows community have been up to. Do check back next week to see what Eco got up to in Week 36.

  • It’s so lovely to see them learn to explore, and the photo taking doesn’t get easier imo #livingarrows

  • Donna Wishart

    Oh it looks like he had such a lovely time! x