Baby Eco’s Weaning Journey Has Officially Begun! 

After weeks of reading, researching and most importantly taking my Son’s lead (his interest and curiosity in the food we eat has been increasingly growing for the past 3 weeks now), Baby Eco’s Weaning journey Has Officially Begun!

Baby Eco's Weaning Journey Has Officially Begun

We’ve been letting him suckle on a few fruits and veggies in the lead up to his first puree and here he is at 18.5 weeks clearly enjoying his first spoonfuls Ellas Kitchen UK parsnips pouch 🙂

With the backing of my partner, we’ve decided to take the approach of incorporating a puree a day between lunchtime feeds, starting with vegetables before gradually introducing fruit flavours, textures and lastly different combinations.

We will be making homemade purees for him to enjoy as well as purchasing the occasional organic ready made purees.

As my little is 20 weeks tomorrow please god, we think it i best to continue with purees alongside his breastmilk until he is 6 months old, where we will then explore the messy fun known as Baby Led Weaning.

All that is left now is to choose which BPA Free weaning products to use as part of this very exciting journey ahead but with sooo many brands in this market I find myself somewhat bewildered with the vast amount of choice that my head actually hurts!

Readers and lovely followers, if you have a particular brand that has worked well for you and or swear by then please let me know by either leaving me a comment or getting in touch via Twitter or Facebook (clickable buttons on the right sidebar) as this first time Mama loves nothing more than learning your trusted recommendations.