Babywearing With We Made Me Wuti Wrap

Ever since I found out I was expecting my first child with my significant other I knew I wanted to carry him / her, but after hours spent researching this topic in the early stages of my third trimester, I found myself even more confused and incredibly overwhelmed with the vast amount of choice and different types of carriers, slings and wraps available. I did not know sling libraries existed at the time and with no one to turn to for advice I ultimately put babywearing to the back of my mind.

Fast forward to the month of May 16 and with Eco just turning three months old, an opportunity arose to try the We Made Me Wuti Wrap. Of course I jumped at the chance and this ladies and gents is where my absolute LOVE of Babywearing was ignited. I recall the day I received the parcel, I was like a kid a Christmas overly excited to unveil the contents and was extremely impressed with the matt black packaging.

Key Features

  • Inside the sturdy tube is a mesh pouch containing the Wuti Wrap as well as a super thick instruction booklet.
  • The wrap itself is made of breathable mesh using a combination of stretchy and woven fabric.
  • Is designed for babies weighing 3.6–15.9kg (8–35lbs).
  • Is generously long which allows the wearer to adjust the wrap as the baby grows.

Initial Thoughts On The Wuti Wrap

Admittedly, Eco kicked up a bit of a fuss when wearing him for the first few times but  he quickly came around to the idea and now adores being worn by me. I personally found the beautifully illustrated thick instruction booklet somewhat confusing to follow (I find I learn things much faster by watching) so I took to YouTube where I found an awesome video of  a We Made Me rep at The Baby Show demonstrating how to put the wrap on. I only had to view it a few times before before mastering how to put the wrap on without help and as they say the rest is History!

We Made Me Adventures


Our Wuti Wrap has been on many adventures during the 4 months we’ve been in possession of it and as a result, have created sacred memories that will no doubt last a lifetime!

From sunrise walks to the ever busying streets of Central London I’ll now share a handful of them with you all….

Eco experiencing his first ever ride on the London Underground following his 12 week injections.



Countless am walks in our local park and surrounding area.
Breastfeeding Whilst Out and About

Final Thoughts On We Made Me Wuti Wrap

This wrap was my first introduction to babywearing and such was the positive experience it’s made me fall deeply in love with wearing my Son which in turn has made me a HUGE advocate of babywearing!

No words in the English dictionary could ever begin to describe the feelings felt everytime I wear my little cherub and just adore the closeness it brings us, thus strengthening our unbreakable bond even more!

Regular skin to skin contact is something Eco has been used to since birth as we cosleep and bedshare and aside from the benefits of happy hormones (oxytocin) I truly believe seeing the world from an adult eye level as opposed to looking up at the sky in a pram for example has gone someway in enhancing his development.

In relation to the topic of discomfort whilst babywearing I can honestly say I have never encountered any back, shoulder or neck pain when wearing my little in his Wuti Wrap.


As the material is made from a combination of stretchy and woven fabric, it does a STERLING JOB of distributing the babies weight evenly so you can carry on with your day, hands free without any aches and pains.

Babywearing is a very personal choice, there is no right and wrong should ones preference be to use other ways of getting out with your little in tow but is something I highly recommend you try.


All I know is that it suits my personality and style of parenting down to a tea. Having my Son close enough to kiss whilst sleeps peacefully on my chest makes up for any difficult or challenging day I’ve had in this new role that is Motherhood.

Disclaimer: I was kindly sent the product mentioned in exchange for a review but as always all thoughts and opinions are honest and entirely my own.