An Open Letter To My 8.5 Month Old Son

To my Beautiful Son
My where do I start?
I’m writing this open letter
From the bottom of my heart!

It’s been 8 and a half months
Since you blessed this earth
With you your loving warm presence
Via a planned waterbirth

My pregnancy was smooth
I was never once sick
My labour was fast
Contractions were quick

From that moment we both stared
Into each others eyes
I was overcome with deep love
I couldn’t possibly disguise

The first month was tough
As you would always cry
At my failed attempts to settle you
No matter how hard I tried!

It was Daddy’s words and touch
That instantly calmed you down
This messed with my head
As weird as it sounds

You had me constantly worrying
If I’d done something wrong
Or my worst nightmare…
“Were we struggling to bond?”

This of course wasn’t true
And over the months I understood
It was all part of process
The ups and downs of Motherhood


I fully embrace this new role of mine
Im devoted to you completely
My first born
My bloodline

It’s been an absolute blessing
To have watched you grow
Hitting each milestone with the confidence
And persistence that you show

Your beaming smile is infectious
Your belly laughs melt my heart
My Sweet Pea I’ve loved you wholeheartedly
Right from the start!

So keep shining little one
In the manor that you do
And I’ll continue to nuture, guide and protect
Whilst looking after you

I want to sincerely thank you
For choosing me as your Mother
I feel our bond strengthen daily
And a love felt like no other xXx

My Petit Canard
  • Dani… Absolutely love this… It made me smile. Alexan is truly a blessing, made my heart melt the other day watching him look into your eyes so lovingly the other day. Big love to you and your family. xx

    • Awww Bei. Thank you so much sweet, he is a total blessing indeed. Always a pleasure catching up with you! Love right back at you xx

  • Back With A Bump

    This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing for #marvmondays

    • No worries hun, Thank you for being sooo welcoming on my first ever linky! I held out on publishing this post for #Marvellousmondays xx

  • Love this! It’s beautiful 🙂 #MarvMondays