A Closer Look At Close Parent Pop-in V2 Gen Birth To Potty Nappies + Q&A Interview 

Earlier on this evening I shared with you my thoughts on Close Pop-in Newborn Cloth Nappies and now I want to show you a Closer Look At Close Pop-in V2 Gen Birth To Potty Nappy.

Thoughts On Close Pop In New Gen V2 ‘Brights’


We’ve been using our Pop-In New Gen V2’s Brights courtesy of Close for what is approaching 12 months now and I can honestly say they are our favourite reusable nappy from my 14 month old Son’s ever growing cloth nappy stash.

Whilst noticeably bulkier than their newborn count-parts, these Pop-in’s have stretchy tabs just like a disposable nappy would to ensure a snug fit around your little one and again is made with soft waterproof shell, only this time features a clever absorbent panel in the outer shell which helps hold the wetness in the middle of the nappy to get extra dry time between changes.

Image Copyright This Woman’s Word

Unlike the newborn pack, the New V2 Gen have been designed to include new hidden wash tabs, which greatly reduces the velcro becoming stuck onto other items you have in your washing machine (a minor critique when using the pop in newborn version) With a choice between Bamboo or Minky (we have Bamboo) all packs come with an addition of a night time booster or three depending on which one you end up purchasing. 

Now I consider my Son a heavy wetter, and whilst the V2’s did indeed perfectly hold his power wees during the night (12am – 6am) without having to use the night time booster, this unfortunately changed once we began the process of weaning at 6 months which resulted in us having to switch to another  cloth nappy brand for night time.

That said, it is this nappy that we use the most and is, in my humble opinion the BEST at containment!

To give you a visual idea of what Stage 1 looks like in comparison Stage 2, see below images. Note: My Son uses the highest setting and is 10.5kg.

Stage 1 – 8lbs – 12lbs (3.5 – 5.45kg) Image Copyright This Woman’s Word
Stage 2 – 12lbs – 17lbs (5.45kg – 11.36kg) Image Copyright This Woman’s Word

Why We Love Close

Aside from the great, eco-conscious products Close provide, it is their customer service support that truly stands out and are always happy to help with any queries you may have via their social media channels or by calling their offices as I have done on numerous occasions.

We are big fans of Close here at TWW HQ, so much so that I have since built up our collection that includes another little box of Pop-In New Gen V2 in the ever delightful pastel colours and own 1 x Lion, Hippo and Robots print.


Add to that the ever gorgeous and truly stunning Woodland prints we kindly received this week.


That’s 19 pop-in’s in total with more to be added! I also have my eyes firmly set on purchasing the adorable pop-in core prints and their latest Elephants print collaboration with Babi Pur to celebrate BP’s 10th Anniversary available to purchase exclusively from online eco-conscious retailer Babi Pur.

A Short Q&A With Close

I thought I’d conclude this article by sharing a short Q&A Interview I did with the Close team last week. I wanted to use this opportunity to ask questions that customers like myself would want to know that was not covered on their website.

I began with the most obvious question…

What Was The Inspiration Behind Launching Close Pop-in Nappies?

The inspiration behind the Pop-in nappy was to create a user friendly and reliable eco alternative to disposable nappies that would be simple to use and care for.

The Pop-in was born and its unique double elastic leg gusset ensured that what goes in the nappy stays in the nappy, whilst the removable soaker and booster gave parents the flexibility of variable absorbency and faster drying times.

What has changed in the cloth nappy industry since you first launched? 

There are now many more reusable options out there and parents are now much more informed about washable nappies and the benefits of using them.

More and more families are going down the reusable route and the appetite for new and engaging prints and designs from consumers continues to grow.

Would Close ever consider offering different nappy sizes to fit older / bigger babies & toddlers around the waist area at some point in the near future?

We always welcome feedback from our customers on the fit of our nappies and this is something that we are mindful of when developing new products or modifications to a current line.

You might want to check out Babipur’s Facebook page for updates on our most recent exciting collaborations with them 😉

In my experience cloth nappies are somewhat prone to becoming damaged in some way through regular washing and being used heavily. Why is a repair service currently not offered for nappies purchased? 

Pop-ins should see you through to potty training if washed for according to our care instructions. If someone is experiencing problems we would encourage them to get in touch so that our Customer Service team can help to resolve any issues they may be having.  

Due to the waterproofing within a nappy it is not often possible to repair an item, we do stock replacement soakers, boosters and outer shells so if a part needs replacing due to wear and tear then this is possible.

My Blogging Friend Oummana would like to know is there a particular reason why a 24 month or lifetime guarantee is not offered for customers who purchase your nappies?

It’s not that we don’t have faith in the materials and parts we use, we have been making pop-in nappies now for over 10 years and we are very confident on their durability.  

Reusable Nappies have to stand up to so much, we ask more of them than almost any other piece of textile baby gear and indeed more than any of our own clothing too! 

Because of the laminate, so much of how well they fare through this period is down to customer care. We have parents who have used them through 3 children over a 5 year period without any problems and generally as we think the buoyant second hand sales and positive reviews will attest we have very few customers who have issues during their intended lifecycle. 

Our well-trained and helpful customer service team are always on hand and more than willing to replace on the odd occasion their there has been a genuine issue or fault.

You updated the performance of the V1 with the launch of pop-in V2 gen in 2014. Are there any plans in the pipeline to improve this version further?

We are always looking at ways we can improve on our customer experience and are constantly striving to bring products to the marketplace that fit in with our ethos of “good ideas for great parents” so you never know!  Sign up to our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know if we do bring out a V3 version or something similar! 

Close Pop-ins are known for being a 2 part system. Are you tempted to venture into the AIO market to give your customers more choice over the style of nappy used?

Yes but we like being different rather than a me too brand! We feel that our system gives parents the ultimate flexibility offering them an easy to use nappy that can be adapted to the specific needs of their little one.  

We don’t have any plans in this area at present but never say never! Again if you sign up to our newsletters, you’ll be the first to know if we do!

For more information on Close, including their reusable nappies, feeding / swim equipment and retailers that stock the brand, they can be found online by visiting Close website, Close Facebook or by simply following them via Twitter.

Disclaimer: This article contains PR samples.