What To Do If You Need Access To Money Fast!

*This is a collaborative post with Lend Green* We’ve all been there… finding ourselves in a desperate situation where we need access to money fast! But what if you’ve already spent your weekly / monthly wage, are near the limit on your credit card and have exceeded your overdraft limit? What does one do? Below is a list of tips from my own personal experience…

Borrow From A Family Member or Friend

My first port of call call even though I absolutely loath asking is to borrow a small amount from a family member or close friend should I ever be in need of money.


Family and friends will always be glad to help one out and are often pretty relaxed about when to pay them back but wouldn’t advise exploiting this as you do not want money to be the cause of a breakdown in your relationship!

My Top Tip: Always borrow what you can afford to pay back and keep to your word!

Sell Unwanted Goods Via Facebook Groups

Take pictures of items you no longer want or need accompanied by a short description of the product and its condition and post them in selected Facebook Groups along with the highest amount you would be willing to sell your goods for.


I have personally posted and sold numerous unwanted items in Local Selling Groups, Facebook Marketplace as well as select groups for baby clothes, toys, wraps and slings.

Unlike Ebay where one hopes that someone is out there looking to purchase something similar to your product listed, you can target your market efficiently by posting in groups with similar products to yours.

This way you have more chance of someone expressing a keen interest in buying your goods and avoiding timewasters.

My Top Tip: Just be sure to ALWAYS accept payment via PayPal to guarantee seller protection in the instance a transaction goes wrong and ALWAYS post items via recorded delivery. You’d be surprised at the number of claims for parcels not recieved if you do not have a tracking number.

Borrow From A Finance Company

If you find yourself uncomfortable at the thought of asking a family member or friend to temporarily borrow a small amount of money there are other options to obtain money the same day online.

Finance companies like Lendgreen Loans act as a temporary measure to borrow money quickly on a short term basis thus saving yourself the embarrassment of letting people close to you know your business.

My Top Tip: This option can be a great way to increase ones credit score and build future credit ratings. Just be sure that you can actually pay what you intend to borrow in the timeframe selected.

I hope you have found my top tips useful if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need access to money fast.

Until next time x