Using Goalify To Finally Get Organised!

Hey there Beautiful People! Today’s post is all about finally getting organised and setting myself daily goals to ensure I stay on target. I’ll be the first to admit that I suck big time in this department, especially re all things blog related but feel optimistic to change that by using the Goalify app and making myself accountable by sharing my intentions with you lovely lot.

Image sourced from Goalify website

I’ve decided to take the plunge and join in with the London Bloggers Challenge of Blogging EVERY DAY for 10 days. For me, this commitment is MASSIVE , as I’ve never actually been able to post 3 x’s a week consistently since establishing my blog 4 years ago yet alone every single day!

So Why Commit To Such A Challenge I hear You Ask?

The answer is simple. I am crazy behind with publishing content and my drafts folder is in dire need of a spring clean. By commiting to this challenge with the support of my fellow London Bloggers, I hope to get back on track with all tasks blog related and reduce my ever growing drafts folder.

This is NOT going to be easy, especially now that I have a 5 month old Son who I spend practically every waking moment with but with that said, I feel quitely confident in achieving this goal, especially after setting up everything I need on my phone to get my posts out, thus omitting the need to fire up the laptop which 1 takes up precious time I don’t have and 2, it’s just not practical to do so at present.

I have made similar pledges in the past but never had an actual app to log progress, nor the support of an amazing group on the same quest as I, thus resulting in epic failure to adhere to my goals.

If you’re a fellow blogger reading this nodding your head and want to also join this challenge, I highly recommend you have a read ofย London Bloggers Founder Elle’s Postย for details on how to join.

If you’re not a blogger but like the sound of using an app to achieve your goals then download Goalify app and get started ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Best of luck to all of us who have joined! I joined because Im behind on content too, and we cant be blamed cause life can get pretty busy! I’ve actually managed to lose one day already but just looking at my progress on the app has helped me feel like I should keep at it. Goalify has been awesome so far at giving that encouragement. Looking forward to your next posts!


  • Elle Linton

    Good luck Dani! Look forward to reading your posts over the next ten days! …the best yo can do is try, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t hit 100% okay?! xoxo

  • Clara Prettenhofer

    Thank you for mentioning us! Good luck for your challenge! We are happy to help ๐Ÿ™‚