Tough Mudder – The Toughest Obstacle Course Known Man and Woman

Calling all fitness freaks, fitness fanatics, fitness enthusiasts and hard core individuals that love a challenge *just like me* this event is right up your street!!!

Introducing Tough Mudder, an extremely challenging 10-12mile assault course designed by the British Special Forces.

The course has a total of 25 military style obstacles to overcome which is guaranteed to test your all round strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie.

If you don’t believe me when I say this course is certified ‘insane’ take a look at some of the super crazy obstacles you may have to overcome during the course.

Arctic Enema


This obstacle will no doubt test your mental grit and definitely not one for the faint hearted.

‘Upon approach, you will have to brace yourself up to jump into Tough Mudders Iceberg Abyss (approx 70,000-80,000 lbs of ice) , swim through the icy water, submerge yourself under a wooden plank and pull yourself out of the other side before you get hypothermic.

The look on the poor woman’s face *or shall a say brain freeze* is enough to let me know this is not a regular ice bath I do to aid recovery after an intense training session.

Log Bog Jog



Upon approaching this obstacle, you will have to jump over and crawl under large logs strewn across the course.

I know what you’re thinking… ‘This doesn’t sound very difficult, easy peasy’ ! But my friends, looks can be deceiving as you have to spare a thought for your muscles that will already be experiencing fatigue at this point of the course. With the logs placed at varying heights, the Log Bog Jog is proven to be a challenge for participating Mudders.

Walk The Plank


Now if you have a serious fear of heights like I do this is bound to test your mental strength and courage to ultimately leap from a 15 foot plus board into freezing water *just the thought of this makes me shudder*

Should you not be convinced by the still photos taken from the Tough Mudder’s official site, take a few minutes to watch a short video outlining the philosophy of Tough Mudder.

If this article has inspired or intrigued your inner competitiveness to team up with a group of friends and take on what is said to be the toughest course known to man and woman, head on over to the tough mudder site to find out more / sign up.

This super crazy insane event is currently touring the world throughout 2013 and could be stopping at a city near you!

I am seriously considering taking on this challenge with my Breakin’ Boundrez team should there still be places available in the United Kingdom *fingers crossed* despite many personal fears I will have to overcome to complete the course.

2013 is all about pushing those physical and mental boundaries further than my team and I did in 2012, and believe this is the course is the ultimate test.