What We Think We Become ~ Gautama Buddha ~

The year 2013 was, as they say ‘a good year! Whilst I’ve had an absolute blast over the last two years devoting most of my personal time to charitable work, helping to raise awareness of The African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust, fundraising over £5k for The ACLT, Aspire UK and MNDA whilst leading my ‘Breakin’ Boundrez’ team to Gold Challenge success, I  have finally been able to set aside some time to invest in myself and really put in the ground work to lay those all important foundations for my future goals and aspirations.

Speaking My Aspirations into Existence:

  • Turning my weaknesses into my strengths: I will conquer Maths by the time I am 30 please god (next May) This is a life skill I severely lack knowledge in due to not getting to grips with the subject during primary and secondary school and am now determined to fix this for myself and my future unborn children.
  • To become a certified kick-boxing instructor in 2014: This has been a long time coming and cannot wait until I set up my own kb and mma classes!
  • To be able to do the splits with ease in 2014: Procrastination got the better of me last year re this goal. Not this time around though! Following Paul Zachik’s Elastic Steel Method will play a great part in achieving the splits.
  • To help my community: By sharing my knowledge and expertise on how to lead and fit and healthy lifestyle.
  • To gain a greater understanding of Nutrition: Another possible avenue to explore in addition to my fitness quals.
  • To be fluent in my chosen foreign languages by end of 2014: Currently learning how to read, write and speak Portuguese, Spanish and Italian for FREE via Duolingo.
  • To become an established freelance writer: That cover health, fitness, well-being, eco beauty and natural skincare products.

Being the type of person who naturally wants to help others achieve, (which often results in me going above and beyond), I made a really hard but conscious decision at the beginning of 2013 to take a step back in giving sooo much of myself (and my time) to help build other people’s empires and put that very same energy I successfully gave to into myself for once in my lifetime.

Reading that paragraph might sound like a selfish act to some, but can honestly tell you it was the best decision I have made in a long while!

By simply investing time in myself, I have been able to reconnect with my thoughts, focus on what I ultimately want to achieve and literally run with the ideas I had that was sitting on the back-burner for years.

By doing the above has lead me to where I am at present.

The foundations have been firmly laid in 2013 and it is now time to take it up a gear by taking the necessary steps to gradually build my own little empire.

It’s funny as I now understand when people say:

“In order to truly help others, one must get their own house in order first”

The more knowledge, life lessons and opportunities I get along the way, the more I will be able to invest my time in helping others and give back.

In a nutshell 2013 saw me:

  • Graduate from my 5 year long Quantity Surveying Consultancy Degree.
  • Enrol on a Level 2 Gym Instructor’s Course which I successfully passed and completed in April 13.
  • Gain a REPS certification in Sports Nutrition in May 13.
  • Find my new love and burning passion for health and fitness writing in the hope of empowering others to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle!
  • Made incredible connections and build great long-lasting relationships with like-minded, passionate fellow bloggers, brands and pr’s within the fields and topics I choose to write and cover on my blog.

The idea of starting this very blog came as a suggestion from my other half, as he saw it as a way for me to channel my passion for the things I loved and believed in, such as health, fitness and well-being.

But since the birth of This Woman’s Word it has become so much more than that!

Over the past year, whilst attempting to bring to the forefront under-rated health and fitness insightful information /  researched content to the general public (in particular superfoods and the potential health benefits they each have when incorporated into ones diet), this allowed me to connect with individuals seeking this type of information to attempt to start leading a healthy lifestyle.

Those that know me personally will agree I am not good at receiving compliments at all so found it really strange and hard to accept / believe when individuals who I look up to in the world of writing and journalism was singing praises about the content of this site and the potential I had in the journey I had embarked on to become a health and fitness writer.

Whilst slightly embarrassed with the praise side of things, I see the great and positive feedback from readers, followers as further confirmation to keep on doing what I do.

I am beyond grateful to have empowered so many people as this is essentially what this blog is about… To Inspire, Motivate and Educate.

A Positive Mindset Leads To Opportunities:

  • Approx 6 weeks away from passing my 1st Dan Grading which will ultimately mean I will become a qualified instructor within my KB Academy (Bring it on)
  • Surprisingly made the UK Blog Awards 14 short-list under the Individual Health Category. (still can’t believe this achievement but fully appreciative nonetheless and extremely thankful to all those that voted for me!)
  • Contemplating about getting involved in community speaking engagements to increase awareness about the importance of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle whilst dispelling the myths and misconceptions within these industries.

It’s all about self progression, never being complacent and constantly having the urge and huger to push ones self to achieve more in all areas of life (I guess this is where the name Breakin’Boundrez comes into play).

This article isn’t all about me and my own aspirations though, for I am now turning this around on you…

Self belief and a positive mindset is EVERYTHING ladies and gents, if we don’t envisage ourselves achieving what we set out to achieve, we will never ever reach our true potential!

Step outside your comfort zone and find out what it is you ultimately want out of life.

Once you have an idea or three, bite the bullet and RUN WITH IT. After all we only get one shot at this thing called ‘life’!

I believe each and every one of us was put on this earth for a purpose, we just have to take the time out to discover what that purpose is (you’ll know when you come across it).

I love elaborating on motivational quotes, and find that Buddha and the general ethos and beliefs surrounding Buddhism connect with me on a deep and spiritual level.

One of my favourite Buddha quotes has to be:

“What We Think We Will Become”

This is one of my favourite mantra’s I call upon to remind me that:

  • Despite any obstacles we may face
  • The doubts our own family, friends and even ourselves may have
  • We CAN INDEED achieve anything IF we believe in our ability and invest valuable time in ourselves!

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, those whose energy will inspire and empower you to strive for greater things whilst they encourage and cheer you on along the way.

Most importantly, ELIMINATE all forms of negativity from your life (people included).

Once you distance from all negativity you will start to see for yourself just how far you can go once in a positive, uplifting environment where self progression and personal growth can really take heed.

A positive mind is a healthy mind.

Accept NO limitations.

Remember that!

Peace, Love and Light.