The Will To Try And The Faith To Believe It’s Possible ~ Unknown~

My boyfriend sent me this image over the weekend which ultimately inspired me to write this post. Not only do I admire the physique of the unknown lady in the picture (this is the kind of definition I am currently working towards and will achieve) , the words used really struck a cord with me.

Even though we are 23 days into 2013, this year has so far been about biting the bullet and going after my aspirations as a qualified Martial Arts Instructor / Personal Trainer, Fitness Professional and Stunt Woman. Some may think that I am completely mad for wanting to choose this path as my full time career, especially when I have just completed my five year degree in Quantity Surveying Consultancy together with my six years work experience I have built up.

But the truth is, fitness has always been my main passion! After all I eat, sleep, breath and live for it. Those that know me personally understand what I mean 🙂 I am a certified fitness enthusiast who loves pushing my physical boundaries as well as teaching and encouraging others to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

I get great satisfaction knowing that my guidance, help, advice and experience have helped individuals progress beyond what they thought they could achieve and am extremely happy to have led my Breakin Boundrez team to be one of the first people to race 100m at the Olympic Stadium before the London 2012 Games commenced, cycled 50 miles from London to Brighton and co led them up Mount Snowdon with Explorer and Adventurer Dwayne Fields in 2012.

This year, apart from taking on various different challenges and events with my team, I will be focusing on working towards my aspirations. I will be putting the plans that have been on the backburner for years into action to ensure I achieve them. I have the willingness to try, the hunger and desire to make it work but most importantly the faith to believe it is indeed possible. If I fail to succeed at any of my goals, at least I know that I have tried and given it my all.

I look forward to seeing this little master plan of mine unfold as well as inspiring you, the readers of this post to incorporate fitness, health and wellbeing into your life.

Remember Ladies and Gents YOU are in control of your own destiny! Believe and you will achieve.

Until Next Time,

Your Girl Danni 😉

  • Proud if you girl! Life is precious and short! Must chase those dreams!!

    • Danielle

      Thank you Mel! Indeed, life is waaaay to short. I would rather attempt to live out my aspirations as opposed to looking back with ‘what if’s’.