Success Is Neither Magical Nor Mysterious Success Is The Natural Consequence of Consistently Applying Basic Fundamentals ~ Jim Rohn ~

In order to be successful in whatever we choose to peruse, weather its goals and milestones we set ourselves to achieve, a specific task, language or technique we sooo desperately want to nail or wanting to see results from the haaard work we wholeheartedly put in with plenty of sacrifices along the way, a tough lesson I’ve learnt this year especially is the ability to remain CONSISTANT applying those all-important foundations to truly reap the rewards of success.

It may appear that things are looking up for me, and they really are as I can’t begin to fathom just how far I have come if we were to look at personal and spiritual growth over the past year especially. Truth be told though, I know within my heart of hearts that I would have been ALOT further than where I am today if I just continued to apply those fundamentals and not let things slide, as once time goes by we simply cannot get back.

This relates to my personal goals of conquering maths, learning a foreign language, being able to do the splits, increasing my knowledge and wisdom by reading more journals / books and all things relating to this very site to name a few.

Now before I proceed any further this is NOT a self-pity post (not my style), this is just me finally recognising that consistency is KEY in life, no matter what the target or goal we embark on achieving. I would be foolish to say that we won’t suffer setbacks along the way, sure we will! And no doubt circumstances beyond our control might attempt to derail us from time to time BUT (you know that was coming didn’t you) we MUST not allow that to interfere with the task(s) in hand.

Consistency is not impossible to achieve beautiful people, but time and hours must be set aside to ensure we work on the areas we want to develop on a regular basis in order to achieve TRUE SUCCESS.

With that said, and in true Dani style, here’s a mocktail toast to being CONSISTENT, not only for the second part of this year, but for the entire time we remain here on this earth.

Just remember “Success Is Neither Magical Nor Mysterious. Success Is The Natural Consequence of Consistently Applying Basic Fundamentals” ~ Jim Rohn ~