Once You Have Commitment, You Need the Discipline and Hard Work To Get You There ~ Haile Gebrselassie ~

I am not going to lie to you, there are no shortcuts to reaching your health and fitness goals. You simply get out what you put in. Results will not happen over night, you have to be patient as consistency is key!

All you need to succeed is a level of dedication, determination to keep on going *regardless of what life throws at us* and the want to push yourself to levels you never thought you could achieve.

Everyone is capable of achieving, and yes you noticed I said everyone! You have the ability to curb your sweet tooth, to reduce your alcohol intake, to ultimately overcome your fears, try something new and run a 5km race, learn to swim, to drop a jean size or two and overall be a better version of yourself.

The thing is YOU have to want it. YOU have to be hungry for the amazing benefits leading a healthy and active lifestyle has to offer!

This approach echo’s a great quote that the inspirational long distance athlete  Haile Gebrselassie said:

‘Once you have commitment, you need the discipline and hard work to get you there’

With those wise words now ringing around in our head it is time to start putting in the work Ladies and Gents… No More Excuses!

Stop talking about wanting to change your life for the better and start by taking those small steps towards a healthier, fitter, happier and stronger you.

Remember you are never alone in your journey, for us fitness professionals, fitness enthusiasts, friends and loved ones will be right there with you, encouraging  you every step of the way.

Accept no limitations, for we are all more than capable of breaking our own boundaries.