Life Is Either A Darling Adventure Or Nothing At All ~ Helen Keller ~

Whilst doing research for the profiles article previously published about the phenomenal, inspirational and empowering woman that is Helen Keller *Rest In Paradise* I stumbled across this quote from her and it got me thinking…

Life is too waaay to short! We must live life to the absolute fullest and by that I don’t mean living the typical ‘YOLO’ lifestyle the youngsters of today have seemed to adopted smh. We must learn to go after what we want in life…. and should never allow ourselves to get complacent! Adopt a fearless mentality, put our needs and aspirations first and turn those dreams we’ve had in the back of our minds into reality.

Granted, we all have to work in order to pay the monthly bills, keep a roof over our heads and generally provide for ourselves and our families. But trust me when I say there is more to life than work!

Be sure to create lasting memories and experiences with loved ones, friends and those you care about for we only get one chance at life during our time on this earth! Make it fun, spend time with those who are like-minded and appreciate your company.

Make Lists, it could be anything from places abroad you want to travel to, sporting events you want to accomplish, languages you want to learn, a course you want to take up etc. Put down whatever it is you want to do / achieve and set about making those items on your list a reality for you don’t want to get to a certain age saying ‘I Wish’.

My point is most people tend go through life just settling for whatever life throws at them, getting stuck in that same old mundane routine without truly living. Don’t be one of those people…  as Helen Keller rightly said “Life is either a darling adventure or nothing at all”.

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