It Always Seems Impossible Until It Is Done ~ Nelson Mandela ~

This quote speaks to me, and I’m sure is speaking to you right now.

One cannot help but simply reflect on Nelson Mandela’s words, as we have all been guilty of believing that something in life was absolutely impossible to complete or fulfill.

We constantly doubt ourselves and our capability to achieve, but somehow overcome this obstacle by succeeding beyond our wildest dreams!

Be it passing our driving test, completing a course, earning a degree, getting that new promotion at work, running our first 5k race, completing a marathon or simply overcoming a situation in life, it all applies!

We often look back and think ‘how did I do that?’

The truth is, we ALL are caple of achieving. Every single one of us! There is nothing we cannot do if we put our minds to it!

All  it takes to succeed is a level of dedication, determination to keep on going *regardless of what life throws at us* , the mentality to never give up and be beaten as well as the perseverance to work towards ensuring we complete that task in hand, whatever that may be.

We a much stronger than we think we are, the human mind is very powerful. All we need at times is a little faith and belief.

As the saying goes, it’s not where we start but where we finish, so keep on striving!