Harness The Power of Today, And The Power of Accumulation Will Be Yours

Believe it or not Ladies and Gents, even fitness professionals like myself struggle with consistency / motivation in relation to our own training regime from time to time, and on the back of this, I have a confession to make. Speaking openly and honestly, I have battled with consistency for the best part of this year (I am only human).

Last year, most of the training I did was within a group setting. Whilst training with others / friends is fantastic at the time, from my own experience I honestly believe it can be some what of a hindrance when making that switch back to solo training, like I have had to do in the lead up to my First Degree Black Belt exam in Kick-Boxing this Oct / Nov please god.

When you are in a group setting, you egg each other on. When you are within a second of giving up, feeling that you have nothing left to give, you’ll have that friend / classmate ear your ear telling you not to give up and ultimately you push through.

Solo training is a far cry from the above scenario; it can be quite lonely and requires a tremendous amount of self discipline and determination from that individual to push through their own workouts, relying on no-one but their self.  Having solo trained for various middle distance races in the year of 2011, I totally forgot what this feeling had felt like due to group training and found myself in limbo when attempting to stick to my solo routine this year.

Feeling incredibly frustrated by these inconsistencies within these areas of my life, I had a lengthy conversation with a wise friend over the weekend whose wise reply to my situation was:

“Harness the power of today, and the power of accumulation will be yours”

Her wise words confirmed to me that consistency is  KEY in life, know matter what you do! If you are not consistent and take your eye off the ball, you will not achieve what you orginally set out to do.

So with that said…. It’s time to take control, I am going to organise myself once and for all, get into a good solid routine and wave goodbye to this awful trait that only holds me back in the long run.

This powerful, hard hitting quote is all about setting daily goals and ensuring each goal is successfully completed before I even attempt to lay my head to rest at night.

Time is of the essence… we cannot get valuable time back in life. Once it’s gone it’s gone. You can either waste your life away ‘thinking’ about making those changes for the better, or as Nike’s slogan sooo correctly states JUST DO IT.

I am now tackling each day like it’s my last, smashing those daily goals and beasting my training sessions whilst ensuring that whatever I do throughout the day will be productive, and not counter-productive.

You can do it too people, remember ‘Power of Accumulation’.