A Positive Attitude Gives You Power Over Your Circumstances Instead of Your Circumstances Having Power Over You ~ Anonymous ~

“A Positive Attitude Gives You Power Over Your Circumstances Instead of Your Circumstances Having Power Over You” ~ Anonymous ~ Wow *takes a second to reflect on these amazing words*… There is no quote I have found thus far that for me, sums up my thoughts on this very subject! I luckily stumbled across it whilst scrolling through my twitter timelime yesterday by fellow blogger and twitter friend @RosieCuppaTea *thank you for the inspiration chica x*

Those that are regular readers of my blog, are twitter / facebook followers or happen to know me personally would concur that I always have a positive attitude, even when faced with adversity. Yes it is true, one might get frustrasted or upset initially, but by taking myself out of the situation… dispelling of the temporary negative emotions felt at the time of that particular experience and turning it around by thinking positivity is undoubtedly the best thing, us human beings can do for ourselves in a world where certain situations are beyond our control.

We all  have experienced setbacks at some point in our lives, but I believe it is how we choose to deal with them is what matters the most! This thing we call life is here to test us in every way possible, and WILL throw obstacles, even change our circumstances for the worse without any prior warning thus throwing us off course.

You see, we could either be a victim of our circumstances and feel sorry for ourselves and the situation we somehow find ourselves in or we could potentially turn a negative situation or unpleasant circumstances into a positive ones based on ones thoughts and attitude. There is no second guessing what I would do, but I question you to ask yourself what option you would choose given if you were in this very scenario?

As I have said in my previous motivational quotes, the mind is a VERY powerful tool and I honestly cannot elaborate this enough. I believe wholeheartedly that we can choose our emotions and how we react to the world *as  eloquently said by my cousin during a recent conversation*.

By having a positive attitude, no matter our circumstances, will always serve as a better outcome than choosing to become a victim of it. Keep pushing and striving! Break down those barriers to reach the goals you set out to achieve, regardless how many times you have failed before, and most importantly, NEVER EVER GIVE UP! Believe it or not, this is the only way we will be able to achieve true success. How can we possibly measure success if we have never learned to appreciate failure during our lifetime?

Many greats that we know and love such as Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Oprah to name a few experienced  failure multiple times over and just look what they have acheived to date. Why? Because they each have something special in common… Self Belief!