A Goal Is Not Always Meant to be Reached ~ Bruce Lee

At the beggining of Novmeber 2012, I set about pledging four additional fitness goals to my already jam packed fitness regime via my friend @thrutheblue ‘s aptly named  challenge  ‘Beastember’ via Instagram and Twitter. All was going well up until w/c 10th November 2012, when I was unexpectedly hit with the news of my dear Uncle’s passing *knowing he had a  terminal illness still didn’t prepare me for this*

This, together with family issues rocked my daily routine and found it near impossible to sustain my fitness regime and also admit my clean eating six days a week went out the window. Racked with guilt for calling time out on my fitness regime *which included my Insanity programme completed most mornings and training Friday evening’s with my Spartanfam Team*  I sheepishly accepted that my body needed to REST for fear of being burnt out with everything going on at the time , and started to think about the goals I had set myself during the month of November 2012 and not being on target to meet them.

Those that know me personally know I give 110%, all or nothing approach when I dedicate myself to something. So being unable to achieve just that frustrated me immensely. It was only through some quite time alone I thought about a quote a had come across through reading up on one of my all time Fitness / Martial Arts Inspirations Bruce Lee.

A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at

It was only then that I realised I was being too haaard on myself… for not keeping up my training and eating regime when the stresses of life as well as death eventually took it’s toll.

The same applies to you, those that are reading this post… We all create goals for ourselves, and no doubt want to be successful in reaching them in the time frame originally given.

But sometimes it just isn’t possible, for whatever circumstances…. Life has a funny way of throwing obstacles in our path. You may be able to jump right over them or it may cause you a temporary delay in reaching the goals you originally set out for yourself like it did me.

Nevertheless you WILL find away to overcome this whilst accepting that sometimes the goalpost will  simply need to be moved / adjusted to factor in the unexpected or other priorities that have cropped up out of nowhere.

Goals are created to keep us focused, to keep us on track so not to stray but also bear in mind not to be too haaard on yourself when you aim for your goals but don’t neccessarely reach them as the wise man Bruce Lee once said.

My Beastember Challenge *take two* will commence today. Let’s Goooo!

Until next time Ladies n Gents,

Your Girl Danni 😉