PKA Kickboxing 1st and 2nd Dan Black Belt Grading Exam: The Results!

I have to be honest with you, I have known about the results of our grading since late yesterday afternoon but had to keep it too myself, well apart from close friends and family as I had only got around to writing up and publishing my thoughts on our PKA Kickboxing Black Belt Grading Exam yesterday having being in the middle of changing employer.

Soooooo how did we get on you ask?

I am ecstatic to announce that Jo, Darren and I successfully PASSED our 1st and 2nd Dan Grading Exam with flying colours!!!!!

For me, this is the gateway I needed to pursuit my journey as a qualified Kickboxing Instructor, setting up and running my own Kickboxing / Martial Arts classes with a particular focus on Women’s Training and cannot possibly put into words just how happy and I excited I am going forward.

This article wouldn’t be right without acknowledging a few people that has played a vital part in getting me to where I am today, so without further ado, these are the people I would like to thank starting with my significant other.

Boo… thank you soooo much for your constant support, love and encouragement in the 11.5 years we have been together! No-one has my back like you do and you have helped me grow into the strong-willed, determined young women I am today. Through watching your own approach to life and your businesses, you have taught me that NOTHING is beyond me and with a Hard Work, Dedication, Determination and Self Belief, literally ANYTHING can be achieved. You have been my biggest teacher and wanted to thank you for supporting me throughout my black belt prep. I love you more than words can express and am thankful for the relationship we have.

Sensei Paul & Phil


Where to begin? Firstly thank you for always believing in my ability as a martial artist and as a coach *soon to be instructor*

Paul, I think I speak on behalf of Jo and Darren when I say those Sunday sessions you arranged months prior to our dan grading exam helped us in more ways than you could know! It’s funny how we seemed to develop bad habits over the years but you were at hand to ensure those habits were ironed out all whilst giving us constructive criticism. These sessions made me a better martial artist for sure and our success in obtaining our 1st and 2nd degree black belts is a reflection on you and your teaching so THANK YOU 🙂

Team Breaking Boundrez

Ahhhhh my main team, *smiles as I type this*


The main team members Dee, Jo, Colvin, Sam, Marvin *extended to Sensei Paul, Leon & Roisin*

Mannnn I LOVE these guys like cooked food and superfoods lol!

I remember just turning up to class, training and going home, don’t get me wrong I talked to people during training but never outside of it. This was to change as ever since I persuaded the people mentioned to join my ACLT charity team back in August 2011 as part of Gold Challenge Event, we have gone on to become gooood friends who have inspired and motivated each other to push ourselves beyond all physical, mental and emotional boundaries to achieve things we never even thought was possible, literally living the teams motto.

I met Colvin at an ACLT event back in 2012, becoming the teams official photographer to capture those truly special moments and he is truly part of team BB! THANK YOU for giving us memories captured in images such as the one above and for being a good friend.

My KB Local Club

Darren, Jamie, Phil, Chris, Sunny, Liam and everyone else who attends Monday’s and Wednesday’s classes under Sensei Paul. THANK YOU! The general support and encouragement has been awesome and has been fantastic training with you all over the years.

Apologies if this post was I little soppy for some but it didn’t feel right writing this post without these acknowledgements.

Whilst it is true I did put in the work physically to successfully pass my 1st Dan Grading, let me make it clear it wouldn’t have been possible without the people mentioned above.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

‘I’ doesn’t exist around here, it’s ‘WE’.

I’ve got this far in my Martial Arts and Kickboxing Journey, but this is where the real work begins! Brace yourselves for what I’m about to bring to the table 😉