My Goals and Aspirations For 2015

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First and foremost, Happy 2015 beautiful people! It seems like a distant memory now but I trust you all had a great Christmas spent with family, friends or loved ones and for those that may have lost someone close this year, my thoughts are genuinely with you. I’ve never been the kind to create ‘new years resolutions’ as such, as I more see the beginning of each year a time for personal reflection and access what I have achieved thus far alongside my goals / aspirations I have going forward which I would like to share with you…

Putting My Health / Wellbeing First

Whilst I would like to say that this year will be the year of fitness challenges galore, I am actually on the waiting list to undergo a minor foot operation. Whilst this will no doubt put me out of physical action for a few months or more, is something that will benefit me in the long run for I won’t be in discomfort when training and walking around completing site audits in my day job. You can look forward to future posts on my operation and recovery via this blog.

Having the right state of mind to reach greater heights in all that I pursue is mandatory to how successful I will evidently be at accomplishing my goals. By surrounding myself with by positive, like-minded drama free individuals will not only inspire me to keep pushing, it does wonders for the soul!

Daily meditation is also high on my list of things to master having dabbled in this amazing art form last year and look forward to sharing my experiences with you all.

Focus On Self Development

Whilst it is true that I have achieved a phenomenal amount over the years, including obtaining a Degree despite leaving school with NO G.C.S.E’s, successfully leading my Breakin’ Boundrez team to complete numerous fitness challenges they didn’t think possible and instilling confidence, raising the profile of  a few charities whilst fundraising over £4,000, establishing myself as a Health and Fitness writer and most recently obtaining my 1st Degree Black Belt in Kickboxing, there still are specific are areas I would like to improve on / skills I would like  to add to my arsenal that will ultimately make me a better version of person I already am today.

As part of my continuous self development, I have pledged to spend more time doing the following:

  • Read More – Part of running a blog requires VAST of research, and whilst I do this regularly, I would like to incorporate reading more books, articles and journals that I do not already cover on this blog. I feel this will not only enhance my vocabulary and make me a better writer, in the process, I will subconsciously become more knowledgeable and worldly from the information that I take in.
  • Get Organised – This applies to the way in which I have been running my blog since its birth back in October 2012. Multitasking is one of those areas I would like to  improve on and am working very hard behind the scenes to get to a point where my posts are scheduled in advance as opposed to writing an entire article in one sitting. I know that being dyslexic can work against me at times but choose not to be a victim of my circumstances and strive to excel in this department.
  • Public Speaking – Despite having tons more self confidence than I did in my early 20’s, combined with my outgoing personality and can do attitude, one thing that has become more and more noticeably is how quickly I emplode when all eyes are on me in group situations when I command the floor. Be it during a meeting at work, teaching at kickboxing or during general conversations and debate with family members, I tend to get all nervous which in turn results in my loosing my train of thought. It is hella frustrating as I know what I want to say, just have a problem getting the words out. I will endeavour to overcome this shortfall once and for all by enrolling onto some public speaking courses / events which I think is a skill most people should seek to enhance. If you have any recommendations I would love to know 🙂
  • Conquer Maths – Literally! This has ALWAYS been a problem for me, even going back to my earliest memories at primary school I recall being one of few that was waaaay everyone else in my class. Tis true, I’ve got by the past 29 years without great numeracy knowledge but as I think to the future and the possibility of having children when the time comes please god, I outright refuse to be that parent that cannot help their children with maths related homework! Furthermore I would love to be able to work out discounts off the top of my head when shopping and to also understand exactly what the fractions mean on the rare occasion I place a bet at the bookies without relying heavily on the assistance of a mobile app!

Increase my Flexibility

For someone that does martial arts as their preferred method of training for the best part of 6 years, one would assume I would be extremely nibble by now but this couldn’t be further from the truth! My flexibility or lack of dare I say is quite shocking and as I cannot commit to any physical challenges and events at present without prior knowledge to my actual surgery date, I will be  making it my priority to get back on my flexibility training after falling off badly last year following Paul Zaichik’s Elastic Steel Programme closely.

2015 will also see me take up yoga for the first time in a bid to not only increase my flexibility but also to increase my overall strength. As I have no idea just how long my foot will take to heal post surgery, so this will be my preferred method of keeping active without bearing too much weight on the lower half of body. Where I can, using free weights for upper body exercises will also be  incorporated into my post surgery workouts.

Build my Brand

On the blog front I have decided that I want to publish more informative, motivational articles and less product reviews going forward. Last year in particular saw me collaborate with some fantastic brands, pr companies and individuals which I am forever grateful for! Of course I will still collaborate with brands for the foreseeable future and beyond, but am mindful that I do not want This Woman’s Word to be perceived as just another product review blog.

The whole reason why this blog site was established was to channel my deep passions for all things health, fitness and wellness whilst inspiring others to lead / maintain a healthy, active lifestyle and this message will be echoed with all future posts please god.

I will also make a conscious effort to understand and master the business / analytical side of running a successful blog. I must admit my knowledge surrounding S.E.O, coding, and growing my brand is pretty limited so will set time aside each day to give me a greater understanding on how to build a better platform for you and I.

These are just some of the things I will set out to achieve by way of  SETTING SMART GOALS. For those of you that may want a little guidance on how to go about setting goals yourself, you may find my article on Setting Smart Goals a helpful and informative read.

What are your goals and aspirations for 2015? Share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment in the box below.